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Pippa Middleton fired from U.K.’s Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph had to fire Pippa Middleton due to the lack of reader interest and complaints that her column just wasn’t doing it for them.

Pippa Middleton was taken off of the payroll at the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph after her “Sports and Social” column got axed from the paper due to a lack of reader interest.

The Duchess of Cambridge‘s younger sister was fired from the respected English paper after her tips failed to gain a following . “The readers just weren’t into it,” a paper insider said, adding that there was a lot of negative mail being received and, since there were a lot of off-limits subjects for Middleton, they simply ran out of ideas.

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The column focused on subjects such as pancake flipping, cycling underwater and healthy recipes, but unfortunately, they just failed to spark much notice from reader subscribers.

While Middleton is a professional freelance writer and has contributed to a slew of other publications, the scrutiny on what she can and can’t say publicly has affected her writing. Given her status as the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister, she apparently has limits to her expression.

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Another setback in her writing career occurred when she was dumped by U.S. publisher, Viking Press, after her book Celebrate‘s sales severely tanked. Middleton only sold a mere 18,000 copies of the party-planning publication, forcing Amazon to slash the book’s price in an effort to move it from inventory.

Middleton’s work is still being published in the supermarket magazine, Waitrose Kitchen, and also in Vanity Fair. Plus, she continues to contribute to The Spectator, which she has been writing for since 2012, according to the Daily Mail.

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