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Angelina Jolie suffers makeup malfunction on red carpet

Angelina Jolie had a misfortunate malfunction involving an excess of powder makeup during her red carpet appearance for husband Brad Pitt’s new movie.

While walking the red carpet for her husband Brad Pitt‘s new cable movie Normal Heart, Angelina Jolie apparently suffered a big mishap with her makeup.

The A-lister icon sported a large blotch of white powder on her jaw area that was quite apparent on all her photographs from the event at New York’s Ziegfeld Theater on Monday night. The powder could also be seen on her upper chest and forehead, making Jolie look like she spent the day baking bread in the kitchen before running out to the premiere.

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The 38-year-old mother of six still looked great, however, despite the makeup overload disaster. Jolie donned an elegant black strapless gown and wore her hair pulled back behind her ears and loose in the back. Meanwhile, Pitt looked smashing in a blue and black blazer, sleek hair and black-rimmed spectacles.

No word on whether anyone alerted Jolie about her makeup “oops” as she walked the carpet, but she and Pitt happily went over to a big group of waiting fans and signed a slew of autographs. Luckily for Jolie, light-colored powder makeup becomes more apparent under camera flash, so her adoring admirers may not have noticed the actress’s interesting Casper look.

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After posing for photos, Jolie was given the choice to meet famed designer Valentino for the first time. Introduced by Anna Wintour, who was seemingly unaware of Jolie’s makeup catastrophe, Jolie was immediately told by the fashion paragon that he must get her into one of his dress creations.

A source told Us Weekly that “Valentino was clearly thrilled” to finally meet the famous and beautiful activist celebrity.

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