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PHOTO: Emily Blunt’s baby makes a statement with first pic

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski’s sweet baby girl has made a pointed photo debut. Check out the wee one’s first public pic, and the message sent along with it.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski have shared their daughter Hazel‘s first public photo with the world, as well as made a statement about how they feel toward paparazzi angling their lenses her way.

It appears the acting duo, who wed in 2010 and welcomed their firstborn child on Feb. 16, are joining forces with fellow celebrity parents Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard on the No Kids Policy.

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Check out the adorable photo Krasinski tweeted Tuesday morning, along with his pointed message:

Considering Blunt and Krasinski have thus far been fairly tight-lipped about their private lives, Hazel’s photo debut is a welcome surprise.

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Other stars who support the No Kids Policy, which aims to protect the privacy of the children of celebrities, include Minnie Driver and Eric Dane.

The actress and mom of one recently told ET about a scary incident with the paparazzi. “I got surrounded by these photographers. They were flashing and I started crying and saying, ‘Stop, stop, stop!’ There is something incredibly creepy and weird about taking pictures of children.”

Dane, who is dad to two daughters, explained his point of view by saying, “I think kids are off limits. I mean, we signed up for this — this is part of our job, more or less, and we chose this life and everything that comes along with it — and our children didn’t.

“My oldest doesn’t like it that much; she only wants mommy and daddy to take pics of her, so we just tell her to smile and try and be as gracious as she can, but it’s gotta be tough for them because not only are people jumping out of bushes to get pictures, and not only is it jarring, but I don’t want them growing up thinking everybody is going to be taking pictures of them. That’s not the norm.”

Are you happy to see celebrity parents sharing their baby’s photos themselves?

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