24: Live Another Day review: No one gets what they want

Jack and Chloe lose Simone and the device, Kate and Ritter lost Jack again, and President Heller wins the battle, but loses the way in “1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.”

Though all of them tried as hard as they could, none of the good guys got what they wanted in this episode of 24: Live Another Day.

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Jack and Chloe got so painfully close to catching up to Simone, it was almost painful to watch. Actually, it became very painful to watch when Chloe revealed why she lost track of Simone outside the train station. Turns out her husband Morris and son Prescott were tragically killed in a car accident and for one moment she thought she saw them in the crowd. This revelation caught Jack by surprise, but I have to wonder if her family is indeed dead. Could it be that someone set it up to get Chloe to work with Jack again for some reason? It does seem kind of far-fetched, but anything is possible.

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  • ICYMI last time…
  • After being missing for years, Jack Bauer is spotted in London and captured by the CIA.
  • Jack only got himself caught so he could get to his old friend Chloe and help her escape.
  • Jack received a communication about plans to assassinate the president and needed Chloe and her friends to help him track down the one name he had: Yates.
  • Yates designed a machine to control American drones and was ready to sell it to the highest bidder, but his girlfriend turned out to be a terrorist and she stole it and killed him before he could make his plan happen.
  • Kate was ready to be let go from the CIA, but after being the first person to discover Jack’s plans of escape, she was reinstated to continue the hunt for him.
  • President Heller’s Chief of Staff, Mark, also Audrey’s husband, tried to talk the president out of giving a speech at Parliament due to his declining memory but the president refused.

As for Kate and Ritter, they grew a little closer in this episode. There’s nothing like defying orders and using unusual tactics to question a thug to bring two people closer together. Ritter still looked down on Kate for not spotting what her husband had been doing, but at least he kind of threw in a compliment at the same time. Kate got extremely close to catching Jack at the embassy gates, but he managed to run away just in the nick of time as always.

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I admired the president for refusing to let either his Chief of Staff or his daughter talk him out of giving the speech at Parliament. But unfortunately it didn’t go well for him at all. We only saw the very first bit of it though, and a part of me is still hopeful that he’ll be able to pull it off. With the chaos that Jack caused outside the embassy though, I have a feeling the meeting will be stopped over at Parliament, but quick.

The only people who basically got what they wanted were the terrorists. Simone returned home with the device and her mother was happy, as was her brother who began working on it immediately. The only spot of contention was Naveen, who was having second thoughts about killing people. Simone tried to sex his worries away (while being watched by her mother, ick), but in the end it didn’t look as though it worked. Could Jack have found a new ally?

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My favorite bits:

Kate knocking out Basher. Well, that’s one way to skin a cat.

Knowing exactly what Simone was up to the moment she sliced her own leg. Gotta admit, it was pretty brilliant.

Jack finding out that Chloe’s family was dead.

Jack: “You can’t bring back the ones you love, trust me.”

Jack’s plea to Chloe to help him.

Mark forging the president’s signature.

Kate and Ritter finding a unique way to get Basher to talk.

Close-up of the stitches. Really? Ouch.

President Heller refusing to back down to his Chief of Staff.

Margot watching her daughter have sex? Nope, that’s not creepy at all.

What did you think of the second episode of 24: Live Another Day?


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