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Beyoncé & Solange: Instagram clues to the Jay Z fight fallout

Beyoncé and Solange Knowles have each taken to Instagram after the jaw-dropping Jay Z scuffle. One sis offered up a prayer, while the other may have done some serious deleting.

While we’re just now finding out about the elevator drama between Beyoncé, Jay Z and Solange Knowles, the trio involved in the caught-on-camera scuffle has been quietly reacting to the emotional upheaval on Instagram.

In light of the video, which clearly shows Beyoncé standing quietly to the side while her sister yells at her husband and tries to attack him, many are guessing this recently-posted prayer by the highly-influential songstress is a hint at the upset.

Five days ago, which would have been just two days after the Met Gala scuffle, the mother of Blue Ivy Carter shared this photo prayer with her 12 million Instagram followers:

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It’s noteworthy that Solange Knowles has also been doing some Instagram work since the May 5 blow up. However, rather than add any hints about how she’s feeling, this songstress is making a statement by deleting nearly all traces of her sister.

Or did she?

Just one photo of Solange, Beyoncé and a friend remains, which was posted 15 months ago with the caption, “Girls moment. @baddiebey @msmelina.”
Thorough fans have noted this is the last remaining Bey photo on the younger Knowles sister‘s account. One wrote Monday, “This is the only picture remaining of Beyonce,” while another added, “You forgot to delete this.”

Despite gossipers across the globe willing to gab, speculate and have a bit of meme fun with the family feud, no one from any of the stars’ camps has commented publicly on the fight video. While it looks like this argument could be causing a rift between the sisters, People magazine points out the two left the Met gala together, while Jay Z took a separate car home.

Update: It’s been pointed out to us by MTV and Buzzfeed that a few more images of Beyoncé do exist on Solange’s Instagram account.

Update May 15, 2014: The trio have released a statement about the fight, and Solange posted two #TBT snaps of her and her sis on Instagram today. Are they meant to be an olive branch?

What’s your best guess as to what’s going on between Beyoncé and Solange?

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