VIDEO: Jay Z now has 100 problems: Solange attacks

Shocking elevator video of Solange attacking Jay Z during their Met Gala visit has surfaced on the blogosphere.

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It looks like there’s trouble in paradise in the Knowles-Carter camp. Shocking video of Solange attacking Jay Z in an elevator during their trip to the 2014 Met Gala has hit the blogosphere, and it isn’t pretty.

In the elevator footage, which was obtained by TMZ, Jay Z, Beyoncé, Solange and a security guard enter an elevator during their trip to last week’s Met Ball. Little sister Solange appears quite angry as she turns to the hip-hop heavyweight. At first, the altercation just appears to be verbal until Solange goes berserk and starts to kick and punch Jay Z until the security guard grabs hold of her. It even looks like she spits on him at one point. Shortly afterwards, Solange tries to kick him but Jay Z keeps his cool and doesn’t retaliate.

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What’s equally as shocking is that Beyoncé remains at the sideline of the fight and doesn’t really get involved, which leads us to believe that Jay Z must have done something big to really upset the R&B singer. However, maybe she just didn’t want to get involved in a fight between her husband and sister. Since there’s no audio attached the video, running speculation is going around about what the fight was about. At time of press, camps for the stars have not released comments.

Additional video of the stars leaving the Met Ball surfaced, and it’s quite clear that Solange and her jaw-dropping dress weren’t too happy. While she and big sister Bey get into one car, security actually escorts the rapper to a different vehicle. Yikes!

Just an hour after news broke, Solange’s altercation with Jay Z was all over social media, including Twitter’s trending topic #WhatJayZSaidToSolange.

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