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Mad Men review: Keeping you abreast with details

Warning: This article contains serious spoilers for the Mad Men episode, “The Runaways.” Do not read until you’ve watched this awesome episode.

Everyone found themselves in new and awkward situations this week on Mad Men. From a threesome to crazy, unrequited love: No one was left untouched by the strangeness and it made for some pretty entertaining television. As a matter of fact, it was one of our favorite episodes. It’s right up there with the lawn mower incident from Season 3’s “Guy Walks Into An Advertising Agency.” Here’s what we mean…

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Don’s (non-adulterous) threesome

It was only recently that Megan accused Don (Jon Hamm) of adultery and pretty much kicked him to the curb, but her anger didn’t last long. This week she seemed practically desperate for his attention and we think Anna’s niece, Stephanie, is to blame. It turns out Stephanie’s boyfriend knocked her up, she’s huge as can be and practically homeless/hungry. Of course she turned to Don for help and, of course, he was more than willing to do so. Megan, though, saw the gorgeous blond as nothing but a threat. She offered her $1,000 and sent her packing back to Oakland. When Don showed up, she told him it was Stephanie who chose to leave.

That wasn’t enough, though. Still feeling as though she’d lost her husband, she set out to create a night that would reel him back in. That flirty dance with the random hippie was 100 percent for Don, right? We especially loved how it didn’t work and, when Harry showed up at the party, Don immediately fled the scene for the bar. When he got home, though (after getting some disturbing news from Harry), Megan wasn’t ready to ease up. The night ended with Don, Megan and Megan’s weird friend crawling all over each other.

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Did it work? Not exactly. Don seemed completely unimpressed. Everyone knows Don doesn’t get off on girls falling all over themselves to appease him. He likes the chase. Plus, with Harry’s news came major work that needed to be done so he needed to head home in order to woo a cigarette company and (hopefully) keep his job. (Or be fired/set free from the monotony that has become his life at SC&P.)

And then there’s the nipple incident

Who do you feel worse for: The clearly insane Ginsberg… or Peggy, who had to deal with the issue?

First, Ginsberg showed up at Peggy’s doorstep, late and in panic mode. He was convinced that the new computer in the office was making everyone homosexual. He even found himself having confusing desires and thought he witnessed a strange/homoerotic interaction in the computer room. He couldn’t work at the office anymore: The machine was loud and he was in danger.

Next, Ginsberg decided he was actually in love with Peggy (Elisabeth Moss). First this came out when Peggy woke up to find him staring at her and then he forced himself on her for a kiss. Listen, we kind of love Ginsberg but this was a whole new level of crazy even for him. And it was soon trumped when, the next morning, he showed up at the office with a special present for Peggy. He cut off his nipple for her.

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Where does Matthew Weiner even come up with this stuff? We’re laughing/cringing at the same time. Of course, our laughter was quickly stifled by the sight of Ginsberg strapped to a stretcher and being hauled off to the psych ward. Peggy was, rightfully, upset and Rizzo (ever the standup guy) was right by Ginsberg’s side on the way down the elevator. But, holy crap. What a messed up Monday.

Best moment, though: Sally breaking her nose at school while having a “sword fight with golf clubs.” Do you believe the story? Either way, it led to a super-cute moment with her and Bobby cuddled up together. Sally may have been lucky enough to escape Betty, but her little brother was left still dealing with her.

Worst moment: Lou. While the scene in the meeting and Rizzo’s awkward/perfect reactions to Lou’s anger were seriously funny, the fact that Lou was in the scene still ruined it for us. And his keeping Don late and making it impossible for him to see Stephanie only solidified our hate. Go home, Lou. You suck.

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