INTERVIEW: The Blacklist star teases “action-packed” finale

The Blacklist star Megan Boone talks about the show’s first season finale, promising action, tension, a new Liz, surprises about Tom and a growing bond between Liz and Ressler. Read on for all the details.

The Blacklist has had a fantastic first season with massive ratings and fan obsession pretty much from the premiere. SheKnows spoke with star Megan Boone (who plays Liz) about the highly anticipated season finale. “I think a lot of questions will be answered in the finale and new questions will be posed,” Boone promised. “It’s kind of keeping with what we’ve done all season. The writers and creators are really good at tying up loose ends of the story line and making you feel satiated but also giving you a little bit more of an appetite.”

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The best part about the finale, according to Boone, is where it will leave the show. “What I really like about the finale is that it leaves you in a place where you get a sense of where you’re going for Season 2, and it’s exciting and it’s a new direction.”

Liz has been through a lot this season and fans can expect to see a darker Liz during the final episode. “You see these different colors of her being darker and more jaded,” Boone revealed. “In the beginning, she was very naive. She had the wool pulled over her eyes, and I liked that about her because it gave her somewhere to go. In a hero’s journey you always have to have a place to grow from.”

Liz’s journey has brought her to a new place, one that fans will see not only in the finale but in the upcoming second season as well.

“She had that eagerness and willingness to step up to the plate and trying to overcome all the challenges,” Boone said. “And that is where the new Liz is born from. These new challenges have introduced to her a truth about life and the dark underbelly of the world she never knew existed.”

A part of Liz’s new understanding of the world’s underbelly has come from learning more about Red and who he is. Their relationship will be strained in the finale. “That’s the nature of their relationship now,” Boone revealed. “There’s tension. They’re very opposite, they have different agendas, but they rely on one another to see those agendas through.”

As for Tom, fans can expect some surprises to be revealed about him in the episode as well. “[Tom] has information about Berlin that we don’t have, and that’s a touchy subject. There’s something very surprising about Tom’s involvement [with Berlin] in the finale.”

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Fans may recall the explosive two-part midseason finale that left the entire team in danger, Ressler seriously wounded and Red captured. Well, the season finale will be even more intense.

“The finale is action-packed,” Boone promised. “I don’t think we would be doing our show justice if we didn’t make it a full-blown thriller in the finale. Because that’s what the show is and we always kind of escalate to this midseason ‘Anslo Garrick’-type thriller, and that’s what we’re going to do in the finale, too. Only this time I think it’s even more intense than the ‘Anslo Garrick’ episode.”

Excitement, tension and action aside, the big question on most fans’ minds is what is going to happen between Liz and Ressler. Both have lost their loves this season and now seem to be growing ever closer. What will happen next?

“Everybody’s curious about that,” Boone replied. “Right now, we’re forming the canvas for Season 2 and that’s a smaller, more detailed element of the second season. It isn’t fully formed, but the feelings and the things you see there between Liz and Ressler, they’re going to remain. That dynamic and that chemistry is going to be there. Where that takes us plotwise and what the plot points are going to be remains to be seen.”

It was the fans who brought about more of a connection between Liz and Ressler, according to Boone.

“I think with The Blacklist something really special that’s happening that we’re able do — because of being on network television and having this really automatic audience response — is that, as the season progresses, we can see what’s working and what the audience loves and respond instantaneously to that. And that’s why it’s an interesting form of entertainment because it’s almost audience participation in the story line.”

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When asked about her hopes for the show’s second season, Boone was reflective. “What I’m going to contribute to Liz in Season 2 is a newfound confidence, new sense of determination, a more acute ability to read people around her and get a sense of who they are. I think she’s going to just sharpen her ability to get a beat on the person she’s with.”


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