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Michelle Duggar drops $3000 a month on groceries

Michelle Duggar says she drops more on groceries each month than most people pay for their mortgage and car payments combined.

Think your grocery bill is high? Be glad you don’t have 19 kids and counting. Michelle Duggar revealed that her grocery bill is a jaw-dropping $3000 a month, thanks to her sons with bottomless pits for stomachs.

In her TLC blog, Duggar shared her shocking grocery bill and ideas on how to save cash in your own budget.

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“Our goal for our monthly food budget is $3,000,” she wrote. “It used to be more like $2,000, but we’ve noticed the costs of groceries have gone up. Also, our boys have grown a lot and they have hollow legs. Josiah, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, and Jason are all tall and lanky, and I jokingly say every two hours we have to fill up those hollow legs to make them grow a few more inches.”

Duggar also shared her tips on how to save cash at the checkout and on other items: Shop discount grocers, club stores and co-ops, buy in bulk, buy used cars, clothes and furniture and always pay cash to avoid interest.

“For groceries, we mainly shop at discount grocery stores, warehouse clubs and co-ops. You can save thousands of dollars by doing just that.

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“Another way we cut corners is to always buy used and save the difference. That means when it comes time to shop for clothes, we go to the thrift stores. And we’ve never bought a new car.

“There are so many other ways to save. As a matter of fact, Jill and Derick are going to be looking on Craigslist for furniture for their home. There’s beautiful stuff available. People are constantly moving and they get rid of things they don’t need.

“We’ve taught our kids when you buy something on credit, you ending up paying three times as much for it. Whereas, if you pay cash, the asking price is exactly the price you’ll pay.”

The family also cuts their own hair, has all their bills itemized so they can catch extra fees, eschews luxuries like cable TV and has fun at home instead of spending money going out.

Even before the Duggars hit the big time with their TLC reality show, the family lived a debt-free lifestyle. After attending a religion-based Financial Freedom Seminar by Jim Sammons, patriarch Jim Bob Duggar began buying several commercial real estate properties and saved for about seven years to buy their first home in cash. Jim Bob also pulls in bank by renting out a cell phone tower to carriers.

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