James Franco claims nude selfies are “what the people want

James Franco claims that the reason he posts provocative and nude selfies on Instagram is because that’s “what the people want” from him.

There is no message or art involved in James Franco‘s strange and semi-nude photos on his social media accounts because, as he claims, it’s just what the people want to see.

During his appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman on Thursday, May 8, Franco did his best to explain his weird Instagram posts lately, saying that’s what the fans like to see.

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“I didn’t ask you to look at it,” Franco told Letterman when the host showed the actor’s famous semi-nude shot where he’s got a hand over his privates. “It’s what the people want. If you don’t want to see it, don’t follow me. Don’t follow me on Instagram!”

Franco said that when he posts photos of himself “it gets a lot of attention,” but he just does it for the fun of it and it’s not something he puts “a ton of thought into.” And attention he does get, as he currently has over 2 million followers on Instagram.

However, his latest nude Instagram antics are not the only thing that got attention for the 36-year-old actor. A few weeks back, Franco seemingly tried to pick up a 17-year-old girl through the popular media site and raised lots of eyebrows across the internet.

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But, the 127 Hours star said that his attention-getting hijinks on the social site are not due to loneliness or anything of the sort. “I have people around me all the time,” he said.

“It’s just that as a performer, you get used to interactions with attention and interactions with audiences, so it feels like an audience that’s both private and large at the same time.”

Franco added that he has discovered how powerful the selfie can be and that “attention is power,” as he noted in his New York Times essay. “If you are someone people are interested in, then the selfie provides something very powerful.”