PHOTO: Hugh Jackman shares another skin cancer selfie

May 9, 2014 at 1:54 p.m. ET
Image: Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/

Hugh Jackman suffered a skin cancer recurrence, and shared a selfie of the damage on Instagram.

Hugh Jackman's gorgeous face has been sliced into once again as the actor revealed he had a second skin cancer removed.

The X-Men: Days Of Future Past star revealed the second surgery to fans on Instagram, along with a stern warning: Wear sunscreen!


"Another Basel [sic] Cell Carsinoma [sic]. All out now. Thanks Dr. Albom and Dr. Arian. PLEASE! PLEASE! WEAR SUNSCREEN!" he wrote.

Jackman first battled the sun-induced disease in November 2013 and told fans with a similar Instagram shot.

"Deb said to get the mark on my nose checked," he wrote. "Boy, was she right! I had a basil [sic] cell carcinoma."

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According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, the recurrence of Jackman's basal cell carcinoma is not unusual. After one year, a person's chances of a recurrence are 18 percent, but after five years those odds jump to 55 percent. There are approximately 2.8 million cases of basal cell carcinoma diagnosed each year in the U.S., and nearly one in five Americans will develop the disease, which can be fatal if not caught and treated in time.

Take Jackman's advice: Wear sunscreen!

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