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Which powerful TV career woman are you?

Love all those powerful fictional females on television, but feel like you relate to one in particular? Test that theory.

Olivia Pope, Scandal

Photo Credit: D Dipasupil/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Dying to know which driven and (relatively) powerful leading lady you’re most like? Take our quiz and keep track of your answers to find out at the end.

1) There’s a challenge on the horizon and a big idea is needed to conquer it. You…

  • A) Come up with the solution, use my wits and contacts to make it happen. Call my client and let him know it’s handled.
  • B) Brainstorm, create a binder with details for a solution, delegate tasks… and then do all the work myself.
  • C) Have people (idiots) who work for me and leave it up to them. They’ll probably fail.
  • D) Retreat quietly to my office or the office of a partner/friend. Two brains are better than one.

2) About the people above you…

  • A) I do what they ask and I do it better than anyone else.
  • B) They’re brilliant. Practically rock stars.
  • C) He’s okay, I guess. I have some awesome ideas, though, and the jerk won’t sit down with me.
  • D) My wins and losses are determined by their decisions, so to speak. It’s rough. But, I think I’m good at offering the support needed for them to side in my favor.

3) Marriage is…

  • A) Something I don’t have time for. Plus, I intimidate men. I’ll just keep it casual.
  • B) Great. It took awhile for me to find my other half but now I have him and it’s awesome. Do we sometimes face challenges? Sure. But, we just tackle them together.
  • C) Overrated. I’m so glad I ended that complete bulls***.
  • D) Probably an amazing thing when it works out, but certainly requires a lot of hard work from both parties.

4) It’s time to decompress. What are you eating while trying to relax?

  • A) Popcorn… and red wine
  • B) Whipped cream… and a side of waffles
  • C) Anything unhealthy; Michelle Obama can get over it.
  • D) Wine. Just wine.

5) Wake up in the morning feeling like…

  • A) It’s a good day to put on a stylish but work-appropriate white dress. I only look angelic.
  • B) I should really stop buying grey pantsuits. But, I won’t.
  • C) I need just a touch more red in this outfit. After all, it’s a power color and I’m pretty f***ing powerful.
  • D) I’ll look exceptional in a plum color (again).

6) What are you shopping for?

  • A) Expensive statement pieces to add to my wardrobe.
  • B) Food, three-inch binders or something for that adorably geeky husband of mine.
  • C) You’re joking right? I have people who shop for me.
  • D) A chance to talk to the salesgirl, a key witness in an upcoming trial.

7) How determined are you?

  • A) Some might call me stubborn. But, you’ll never win if you give up so easily.
  • B) I’m always optimistically firm in my beliefs and my decisions. Think it’s impossible? I’ll go down in a blaze of glory trying to prove myself right.
  • C) Moderately. I wouldn’t be here without a little bit of bullheadedness, right?
  • D) I seem calm and passive on the surface, but I work hard to get what I want and need. Just look at my firm or my relationships.

8) What about your beliefs system?

  • A) I believe in redemption and that most people at least try to be “good.” Beyond that…
  • B) I believe that whatever you believe in, you should tackle it with gusto and go all out… as long as you are, ultimately, not hurting your family or community in the process.
  • C) I believe in God. I mean… my constituents believe in God, so I probably should, too. Right?
  • D) Religious fervor makes me uncomfortable. I have my own beliefs, though, and I try to stay true to them.

9) What’s your dream ride?

  • A) I want a massive, shiny SUV in sleek black or bright white. Classy in its own way, but still a bold announcement that I will happily run you down without even feeling it.
  • B) Probably something good for the environment. Though, I guess now we should probably go look at minivans. Oh! What about one of those really long tandem bikes with four or five seats?
  • C) The presidential motorcade
  • D) This city is so crazy. I’d rather just have unlimited cab fare or a chauffeur.

10) Is there a TV career man whose job you’d like to try your hand at?

  • A) Frank Underwood, from House of Cards. He’s a total snake, but a complete bada**. Like me, but more powerful.
  • B) Oh! President Bartlet from West Wing. Imagine all the good that I could do with his power.
  • C) Why do I have to steal a job from a man? I want to be President Taylor, from 24, the first female president.
  • D) I pretty much created the job I’m in now, so I’m fairly happy staying here.

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