Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift make up

It looks like Selena Gomez made up with Taylor Swift after posting an Instagram video of the two pals having a happy friends’ moment together.

Selena Gomez Taylor Swift

Photo credit: WENN

After having had an alleged tiff with longtime pal Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez made up with her friend after she posted a cute video of the duo prancing around in a happy dance.

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Gomez and Swift looked like two friends with no worries in the adorable Instagram video that the “Come and Get It” singer posted on her account. In the clip, the two are skipping around in beautiful dress gowns at the Met Gala, laughing and goofing off to the sounds of Dean Martin’s “Volare.”

“Sometimes you wanna just be you with someone who knows all your secrets,” Gomez captioned the photo.

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After Gomez un-followed a slew of friends, including Swift, on Instagram recently, rumors swirled that the once good pals had had a falling out and were no longer friends. The reason for the fight was mostly believed to be due to Gomez’s reuniting with Justin Bieber after the ill-fated pair was supposed to be broken up permanently.

Swift had previously voiced her concerns for her friend’s relationship with the troubled Canadian singer and wanted her to stay away from Bieber. When Gomez reportedly took the “Boyfriend” singer back, Swift distanced herself from the 21-year-old singer because she was “disgusted” with her, Us Weekly claimed in March.

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Plus, Swift was said to think Gomez used her pal Ed Sheeran to make Bieber jealous by briefly going out with him last June. “After Selena pulled that move Taylor started distancing herself,” an Us source said.

But, the two famous singers are apparently still very good friends as Gomez is “the closest thing” to a sister” Swift has ever had according to a message she tweeted last year. The pretty friends definitely look very tight in this latest video, and leave no doubt that there is no trouble at all between the two.


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