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EXCLUSIVE: Kristen Bell takes on new challenge for Lipton

Kristen Bell is a wife, mom and now a creative director. Find out what she’s doing with Lipton in this exclusive footage for SheKnows.

Kristen Bell has had quite a year from being a new mommy to voicing Princess Anna in the mega-hit Frozen. The 33-year-old star has now taken on a new challenge as creative director for Lipton’s new campaign Be More Tea.

In exclusive SheKnows footage, Bell talked about the series of mini-films that she helped to shoot.

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She shared, “It’s really fun behind the camera. There’s a lot to contend with because you’re taking in so much. I feel like when you’re an actor all you’re focusing on is your own delivery and how you fit into the scene. There’s a lot to do behind the camera, but it keeps you busy, and it’s really fun.”

Bell did everything from selecting wardrobe to script supervision. She also helped coach the actors and even made a cameo in the videos.

The series of commercials follows two deliverymen for Lipton whom the Veronica Mars actress described as “quirky and fun and thoughtful and playful”.

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There is a message behind the spots, too. Bell explained, “So the whole concept of this film series is to remind people to be more playful, be more spontaneous, take time for themselves”.

Fans can go to the company’s Be More Tea Tumblr page to learn how to “dump all of your chores, hand them over to Lipton and have a really nice day for yourself”. Part of Lipton’s promotion is a “Win An Extra SUNday” event which provides people with the opportunity to have someone take on their to-do-lists so they can do what they want.

Sounds good to us!

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