24: Live Another Day review: It’s the end of the world

Jack is still a fugitive and pops up in London, but when he’s caught it turns out he has very different reasons for being there than everyone thinks, in the two-hour premiere of 24: Live Another Day.

24: Live Another Day premiere review

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Now that is how you premiere a TV series. 24: Live Another Day not only lived up to all the hype we’ve been hearing about since the new series was announced, it actually went far beyond our expectations.

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Welcome back, Jack

I’m confess I’ve never seen an episode of 24 before. Perhaps that’s not a great thing to admit when writing a review for a show, but it just wasn’t something I was interested in back in the day when it premiered. But TV tastes change and once I heard about the new series, it sounded like something I definitely wanted to see. I was heartened by interviews with the cast and creators that said you didn’t need to have watched the previous series to follow the latest one and, overall, I agree with that assessment.

The action began right away when word got out that the infamous Jack Bauer had been spotted in London, coincidentally when his old friend President Heller was there as well. Thinking that Jack was there to harm the President, the hunt began and Jack was caught — almost too easily. Kate was back as well and although she was a few steps away from being reassigned to the States, she became suspicious of Jack and immediately went on high alert.

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Kate doesn’t take no for an answer

True to form, nobody wanted to listen to her warnings, but I loved that she didn’t let anyone stop her. She was the one who figured out Jack was there to break out yet another old friend, Chloe. Kate didn’t stop him, but her actions brought her back onto the team.

Meanwhile, Jack let Chloe go, supposedly to keep her safe. I may have been a newbie to this show but even I knew he wasn’t telling the whole truth and, sure enough, it turned out he needed to get to Chloe’s new friends so that they could help him with a very important project. Jack intercepted a communication about an assassination attempt on the President and he only had one name to go by: Yates.

Going into the second hour, Jack worked to track down Yates while Kate and the rest of the team worked on tracking down Jack. It was beyond nerve-wracking, watching to see which group would catch their man first. Yates had developed a way to control American military drones and used one to kill a general as an example. Jack was able to find out that information, but not before Yates’ program fried Chloe’s computer, leaving them with no way to track him.

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The end of the world as we know it

Yates’ fate wasn’t much better than Chloe’s computer. His supposed girlfriend turned out to be working with the woman who wanted to buy the device from him and she killed him when he got suspicious of the buyer, Margot. Oh and the murderous girl was also Margot’s daughter. So now the device is headed her way with Jack and Chloe trying to track it down in time to save the President because — as Yates said before his demise — if the President of the United States is killed on foreign soil (by American drones, no less) it will indeed be the end of the world as we know it.

Overall, I found this to be an exciting premiere and I can’t wait to see how it all works out for Jack as the series continues.

What did you think of the premiere of 24: Live Another Day?


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