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Pretty Little Liars promo glimpses heart-pounding Season 5

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 isn’t promising a season of answers like last year. This time, it’s only about “one final answer” — A’s true identity.
As a fan of the show, we’ve become healthy skeptics when it comes to the promise of answers on Pretty Little Liars, but it looks like Ezra knows something A is bent on keeping from the liars: namely, his or her identity. The biggest reveal in the history of the show may finally be near.

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In the just-released promo for Season 5 of the show, the girls confront Ali about everything she knows, and they aren’t letting it go until they have the whole truth and her trust.

“No more secrets, Ali,” Hanna (Ashley Benson) tells her.

“Either you trust us or you don’t,” Spencer (Troian Bellisario) adds dramatically.

There’s a good chance Ali knows A’s true identity, and she isn’t alone. Hospitalized Ezra may also hold the key to unlocking the A mystery. But after that gunshot wound, he isn’t giving up the answers so easily.

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Still, Aria (Lucy Hale) isn’t leaving his bedside. We don’t think it’s solely because she doesn’t want to miss out on any A-related clues, though. Ezra’s injury may be just what these two lovebirds need to rekindle the flame, don’t you think? She does, after all, appear to be nursing him back to health, acting like the concerned lover and holding his hand.

The critic in us is saying that just because Ezra thinks he knows A’s true identity doesn’t mean he’s correct in his assumption. A could just be covering his or her back in case he actually does know something. Although, when we spoke with executive producer Oliver Goldstick on the PaleyFest red carpet this year, he was very clear that we would discover the identity of A very soon. Perhaps the time is finally upon us?

Do you think we’ll find out A’s true identity at the beginning of Season 5, or do you think the show will continue to tease us a bit longer?

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