VIDEO: Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone's awkward SNL kiss

May 5, 2014 at 4:28 p.m. ET

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone spoof their Amazing Spider-Man 2 kiss during a skit on Saturday Night Live with Coldplay front man Chris Martin.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield
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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 smashed box offices around the country over the weekend, and the film's stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have made headline after headline for their antics during the project's promotional trail. The couple's latest stop included a visit to Saturday Night Live, where they poked fun at the movie's climatic kissing scene in a skit that is sure to make you laugh.

In an attempt to re-create one of the film's love scenes, the couple gets in character as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy in front of a green screen. All looks fine and dandy until it's time for the duo to make out. Since the couple has been going out for three years, you'd think they'd surely know how to nail some lip-lock time in front of the camera. Think again. At first, their tongues end up all over each other's cheeks, then they offer an intensely air-sucking kiss, and things ultimately end with Andrew's mouth on Emma's chin.

"I'm going to keep it rolling. Just give me three kisses in a row and remember, just kiss like normal people kiss," the director (played by SNL's Taran Killam) tells the couple after their awkward on-camera kisses.

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Director Killam asks the couple why they can't just kiss like they did in the first Spider-Man film, to which the couple jokingly reveals they used stunt doubles. But the day is saved when newly single Coldplay front man Chris Martin comes to the rescue. "I could give it a try if you like... just for fun," Martin says. Emma chuckles and agrees, but the pop vocalist doesn't want to lock lips with Emma. He has his sights set on Garfield.

"Now you listen to me, you beautiful Spideryman," Martin tells Garfield with his arms around the actor. "With great power comes great responsibility, and our responsibility right now is to make sweet, sweet love, so why don't you go ahead and show me that beautiful tongue? Come to papa!"

Check out all the funny business below.