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The Originals‘ Joseph Morgan interview: Good news for Klaroline fans

Klaroline, the Season 1 finale and a prank gone wrong with co-star Daniel Gillies — The OriginalsJoseph Morgan addresses it all in our interview.

Interview with The Originals' Joseph Morgan

Photo credit: Skip Bowlan/The CW

When Joseph Morgan joined The Vampire Diaries, his character Klaus took the show by storm. At first, we hated him, but the bad boy quickly found a place in our hearts. Now with his own show, The Originals, which has found widespread popularity with fans, Morgan is clearly enjoying the experience. We talked with the actor about the upcoming Season 1 finale and the future of the show and Klaus.

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On Klaroline

Of course, we had to know about Caroline (Candice Accola)! We asked Morgan if there was any news on another crossover for him on The Vampire Diaries in the near future. Though he was a bit reluctant to go into detail, he did say he’s sticking to his words at The Originals‘ TCA panel.

“There’s nothing I can say to you that I didn’t sum up already,” Morgan told us. “That was my wise answer to the whole Caroline question, so I really don’t have anymore to say about it, you know?”

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Despite his short response, it’s still good news for Klaroline fans.

Here’s what Morgan had to say at the TCA panel: “We know there will be crossovers between the shows. We know that. We know the last thing he [Klaus] said to her [Caroline] was, “I intend to be your last love.” I don’t think they [the writers] dangle that carrot and not come through with anything. I know I’m going to be in every episode of The Originals. But we film half an hour away from The Vampire Diaries, so it’s still possible that they’ll use what little free time I have, drag me out to set in Decatur and film some of that.”

Morgan continued by saying, “And I believe it will come around again. There will be some sort of resolve or some sort of hope that something.”

On Daniel Gillies’ pranks

Daniel Gillies is the biggest jokester,” Morgan told us with certainty when we asked. Though it seems Morgan himself might be quite the prankster on set as well.

“He [Gillies] and I have been playing a bunch of pranks on each other, actually, other over the last couple of months,” Morgan told us with a laugh, “which ended with him denting my car by accident.”

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Morgan continued with the story: “It’s mainly been parking space-involved pranks. Like where we’ve got these allotted spaces, and he parks over my space and then I ended up putting a poster of me holding my People’s Choice Award, right there in front of his space. And then he put all this, sort of, tape around my car, and then he switched the signs so his and my sign, and then he ended up parking too close to my car, and he bumped it. So then he had this sort of walk of shame where he said, ‘I’m really sorry. I’ll pay for it. And this has happened…’ And I thought he was joking, of course!”

“And then I’ve been sticking these bumper stickers to his car for the last couple of weeks that say, “Sired by Klaus,'” Morgan admitted. “We haven’t mentioned that, by the way, so if you talk to him, that’s never been vocalized between the two of us. I’ve just been doing it and then taking them off each time.”

Morgan went on to say they could release a great blooper’s reel from Season 1. Here’s to hoping they do.

On the Season 1 finale

“It was such a, sort of, dynamic end to the first season. I’m really excited for everyone to see,” Morgan explained about the upcoming season finale, which is only two weeks away.

We asked Morgan if he could give us any teasers for the beginning of Season 2. He replied, “Listen, you’ve got such a roller coaster ahead of you for the next two episodes — an action-packed, emotionally charged end to Season 1. I don’t even want to start talking about Season 2 yet. And I’ve only just started. I’ve only read the first script and started working. I’m not sure how it’s going to pan out yet, at all. There’s a lot of secrets on the show.”

Morgan said he does some snooping of his own but still knows very few details about what the show has in store for Klaus. He seemed just as passionate about the stories as fans are though he admitted he was surprised by the success.

“It’s definitely an older show,” Morgan said. “There’s no high school or person living with their parents struggling with coming-of-age problems. There’s a lot of things where it is similar to [The Vampire Diaries], we share the same mythology. There’s a lot of differences, I think. So I was always wondering how people would respond to those differences and hoping that their love of the Mikaelsons and potential fascination with the new characters we meet would carry through the entire season and, indeed, into another one. I’m really surprised and humbled by the response, and grateful, because I do love my job. I do love playing this part. I think you get a sense of that from watching it. That we have a lot of fun doing it.”

“I certainly want to continue,” Morgan told us. “I believe there’s some more stories to tell about the originals before we hang up our capes. It [the show] is a really amazing thing to me.”

The new episode of The Originals airs tonight on The CW.

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