VIDEO: Cher Lloyd channels Breaking Bad in “Sirens

Cher Lloyd burst onto The X Factor ages ago and made a sassy impression that had mentor Cheryl Cole stunned. Lloyd has maintained a bit of a “bratty” image. That is, until now.

Cher Lloyd

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When maturity hits, it hits hard.

Cheryl Lloyd debuted her scintillatingly raw music video “Sirens.” And when she did, I was a little surprised to see how genuine she came across. That’s the unfortunate downside to being an animated entertainer — contorting your face into quirky expressions and elaborate outfits detract from how “real” you appear.

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I mean, think about Lady Gaga and how many of her performances you would consider bare and sincere. Maybe that’s because our perceptions of what is “true” are what is devoid of any smoke and mirrors.

For a while, that’s what I thought Lloyd was: smoke and mirrors, but underlying talent. After she decided to take the reins of her own career (as the most recent news reports), she’s taken a more mature route and allowed the gimmicks of bubblegum-pop to take a seat, encouraging herself to do a few more ballads.

Lloyd’s “Sirens” has the appeal of a Breaking Bad sequence — drug peddling gone awry in a house Lloyd’s character calls home. You feel for her tear-stricken face, and you feel the motherly affection she has for her child.

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But Cher Lloyd — a mother? It seemed like just yesterday, she was a short-skirt-wearing, bubblegum-popping diva, and now she’s portraying a protective mother sans neon makeup and booty shorts? Though my comments are a little extreme, her transformation is as well for the video.

But there is real-life inspiration behind the video. Lloyd was born to teenage parents, and her father was regrettably locked up early in her life. The sad video parallels a dark world that Lloyd had called her own.

Her heart shows far more than the persona she had been notorious in defining. I like this version of Lloyd, and I bet you will too after watching her in action in this video.

Do you like this more natural Cher Lloyd?


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