Monaco royals hate Nicole Kidman's Princess Grace movie

May 2, 2014 at 3:27 p.m. ET

Hollywood royalty is battling real royalty as Monaco's ruling family turns its back on a Nicole Kidman movie purporting to tell Princess Grace's story.

Nicole Kidman as Princess Grace
Photo credit: WENN

Just days before the premiere of a highly anticipated Princess Grace biopic at the Cannes Film Festival, the Monaco royal family is turning its back on the Nicole Kidman-helmed flick.

In a statement released by the royals, Prince Albert II, Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie said Grace of Monaco, starring Nicole Kidman as the iconic actress-turned-princess, in no way represents the events of their late mother's life.

"On the occasion of the upcoming screening of the film Grace of Monaco at the opening of the Cannes Festival on May 14, 2014 and its release in theaters, the Prince's Palace would like to reiterate that this feature cannot under any circumstances be classified as a biopic," the royals wrote.

"The trailer appears to be a farce and confirms the totally fictional nature of this film. It reinforces the certainty, left after reading the script, that this production, a page of the Principality's history, is based on erroneous and dubious historical references. The director and producers refused to take into consideration the many observations made by the Palace because these called into question the entire script and the characters of the film.

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"The Princely family does not in any way wish to be associated with this film which reflects no reality and regrets that its history has been misappropriated for purely commercial purposes," the statement concluded.

They aren't the only ones who aren't happy with the movie. Distributor Harvey Weinstein ordered a second, much lighter cut of the film be made after deeming the original cut by director Olivier Dahan too grim and overly dramatic, according to the LA Times.

But screenwriter Arash Amel said the controversy is to be expected, considering Grace's "complicated" legacy.

"Grace Kelly was a complicated figure, and some will see her as a princess story and others will see her as a more tragic tale," he told the Times. "It's a matter of how you interpret the history."