Sad Kanye memes win the internet today

May 2, 2014 at 8:54 p.m. ET

Since a photo of Kanye West looking particularly sad (and sporting a bright red helmet) outside of a zip-lining center in Mexico surfaced on Reddit, #sadkanye memes have been flying around the internet. We rounded up some of our favorites... and threw in a few of our own, too.

Sad Kanye

via Reddit

Sad Kanye Meme

Photo credit: Tiffany

Don't feel bad, Kanye. Game of Thrones is heavy stuff — we were sad to see Lady Catelyn slain, too.

Sad Kanye meme

Photo credit: DMCornell

"Taylor, I'm really happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but... no, really, Imma let you finish." We imagine this is what Kanye looks like when he actually represses the urge to interrupt award speeches.

Kanye with Forrest Sad Kanye

Photo credit: SheKnows

Kanye, we feel you on this one. We cry every time Forrest tells his story. It's sad s***, bro. We'll look away so a single tear can roll down your #sadkanye cheek.

Sad Kanye

Photo credit: PaperkutRob

Speaking of cheeks... ha ha, couldn't resist. But, for real, we're pretty sure Kanye's "sad resting face" is the same thing as his "on the can" face.

Sad Kanye

Photo credit: Derek DeVries

We all know Kanye likes to be the biggest thing in any room. And, well....

Sad Kanye Wrecking Ball

Photo credit: SheKnows

Maybe a spin on Miley Cyrus' wrecking ball left Kanye legitimately afraid of heights. Or, you know, scarred him for life. We know it did us.

Kanye West

Photo credit: thejook

Just when Kanye thought the whole Ray-J sex tape was behind them, Kim's infamous ex, ahem, pops up.

Sad Keanu and Sad Kanye

Photo credit: CaryGrantLives

Before there was Sad Kanye, there was Sad Keanu. And, well, Sad Keanu takes looking forlorn to a whole new level. If Kanye's going to keep this going, he's gonna need to step up his game.

Sad Kanye

Photo credit: Senorita Taterhead

As one Reddit user so aptly said, Kanye's just along for the ride. And, frankly, we're pretty shocked there's room for Kimmie's post-pregnancy rack and Kanye's ego in that top.

Sad Kanye

Photo credit: UnicornBalls

How can you be sad when you're riding a mystical steed of lore? C'mon, Kanye. #wasteofagoodunicorn

Sad Kanye

Photo credit: DrMonkeyMD

Oh no they didn't!

Sad Kanye Titanic

Photo credit: SheKnows

Aha! We always knew that there was room for two on that floating door. Perk up, Kanye... Jack's the one who becomes a human popsicle.

Sad Kanye

Photo credit: ConnorW

Jealousy comes in many forms. Judging by Kanye's face, not being invited to make out on the motorcycle with Seth Rogen and James Franco must feel like being the last kid picked at dodgeball.

Sad Kanye Charlie Brown

Photo credit: viscouslies

If Kanye is too bummed out to ring in the new year, that's not healthy. We suggest he save up his nickels and start scheduling regular visits to Lucy's booth for "psychiatric help."