Hollywood’s Humanitarians: How Jordana Brewster “Paws It Forward” for National Pet Month

Actress Jordana Brewster is busy these days. She just wrapped up Season 3 of Dallas and is about to start shooting Fast & Furious 7, but somehow is managing to find the time to promote National Pet Month. We chatted with her to find out more.

Lovely raven-haired actress Jordana Brewster, best known for the Fast & Furious films, wants to spread the word about the Paw It Forward program in honor of National Pet Month. We asked the actress to tell us what’s happening during the month of May.

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“It’s basically a month to love and appreciate your pet in new ways. PureLoveForPets.com has 31 suggestions on how you can interact with and love your pet in a very unique way.”

The website also has an instant-win game where animal lovers can win coupons for free Purina products totaling $100,000, and can share the coupons with their friends. Additionally, Purina will contribute 10 cents to Adopt-A-Pet for every valid Paw It Forward instant-win game play with up to a $50,000 donation.

Brewster is the proud owner of two Labradors, Henry and Ella. “To celebrate National Pet Month, I take them on extra walks and dress them up, though I don’t know if Henry would agree that that’s Pawing it Forward.”

We had to know what kind of costumes she puts her pups in. “I’ll put Henry in trucker hats, the kind with the mesh on the back, and glasses, and I like putting Ella in dainty scarves. I’ve also done cardigans.”

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Of course, we asked Brewster about the upcoming Fast & Furious 7, but she’s under contract to remain tight-lipped. “I can tell you nothing about it, unfortunately. It’s kind of under lock and key and we’ve all been sworn to secrecy, but it’s going to be great.”

One little-known fact about Brewster is that before joining the Fast & Furious franchise, she didn’t know how to drive a car.

“I was cast, I had the job, but they said there was one caveat — I had to get my driver’s license in the next week.”

She learned in New York, which she claims is the worst place to learn. “Ultimately, I passed the test and got my license, otherwise that would have been my career gone. I’ve been driving ever since.”

She said the New York driving instructors mostly taught her the rules of the road, but her dad also helped. “But I would rather be taught by a stranger because there [are] not as many emotions going on.”

About her dad’s instruction, she claims it was a bit frustrating for him, but what she remembers most about becoming street-legal was, “I had to drive to the DMV center to get tested with the instructor and he was like, ‘We’re getting on the freeway.’ And I said, ‘What? We’re getting on the freeway? No, let’s take side streets.'”

Ultimately, she did get on the freeway and everything was OK. She then moved to Los Angeles where the freeways are unavoidable, so she feels lucky to have had that experience.

“I’m a good driver now. A little impatient, but the trick is to stay focused.”

National Pet Month lasts the entire month of May.

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