The Vampire Diaries review: Never have I ever lied to Damon

May 2, 2014 at 5:50 a.m. ET

Forget three, four is a major crowd tonight on The Vampire Diaries as Elena, Stefan, Damon and Caroline hide from The Travelers.

Stefan and Elena hide from The Travelers on The Vampire Diaries
Photo credit: Guy D'Alema/The CW

Tonight's The Vampire Diaries is all about games. So, let's play one. Never have I ever... Seen an episode that made me more confused about the status of relationships on this show. Never have I ever... seen so many characters with so much coinciding chemistry. Never have I ever... been more excited to see who will end up with who by the Season 5 finale. Drink. Drink. And drink.

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SheKnows Cheat Sheat
  • ICYMI last week...
  • The Travelers figure out a way to cure vampirism that requires doppelganger blood.
  • Damon killed Maggie back in the day, but he had solid motives. She did, after all, want him dead.
  • Stefan sort of kills Enzo. Enzo takes it upon himself to finish the job, hoping to cause a rift between the brothers.
  • Enzo returns as a ghost from the other side with plans for revenge.

The major takeaway we got from tonight's episode: Caroline (Candice Accola) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) have some serious subconscious feelings for one another that they have yet to express or even recognize. Let's present the evidence. Exhibit A: Caroline immediately assumes Stefan and Elena (Nina Dobrev) are hooking up again after she and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) break up. Exhibit B: When Elena calls her out for freaking out, Caroline gets all flustered and can't explain her emotions. Exhibit C: The gentle way Stefan caresses some dirt off Caroline's face. Need we go on? It's only a matter of time, people. And we're gonna love every minute of it. Although, it's truly a conflict: Klaus (Joseph Morgan) or Stefan? Oh man, tough decision.

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There's no tough decision when it comes to Elena and Damon, on the other hand. Especially after we get that steamy kiss tonight. Enzo makes life at their cabin hideaway a little miserable and Mr. Salvatore is looking for a stress reliever. Uh-huh. Elena doesn't seem to mind. At. All. Now if only they could figure out the details and just be together again.

In other big news, Tyler, as we know him, may be dead. Markos might have successfully performed the spell to make Julian a permanent fixture inside Tyler's body. If that's the case, we doubt he'll make it past Season 5. We have heard there will be more deaths coming before this season wraps. We wouldn't be surprised if Tyler is one of them. Tyler is, unfortunately, a character that lost us once he was on The Originals and after he put down our girl Caroline over her fling with Klaus. Half of us wants to see him truly redeem himself. The other half isn't sure he can.

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Best quotes of the night

Damon, as Enzo tries to kill him with a block of wood: "If only this wasn't totally avoidable."

"Really? Are you doing 'I told you so's?" Stefan replies, with a pole stuck through his middle, also thanks to Enzo.

"Never have I ever... had a ghost try to burn me alive," Stefan says, and Caroline tells him to drink.

"Because I've had a really crappy day, and I needed it," Damon tells Elena as his reasoning for kissing her. He proceeds to walk stride back into the house.

And then The Travelers attack Elena. Awesome. We're gonna love watching the gang get out of this one.

Who do you want to see Caroline end up with? Do you think Elena and Damon will reconcile?