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VIDEO: Say ‘amen’ for The Black Keys’ “Fever”

Glory, glory hallelujah! The Black Keys have released the official video for “Fever” and it’s knocked us straight off our pews.
Just a few short weeks after The Black Keys released their hypnotic, spiraling official audio for “Fever“, they’ve gone ahead and released the official music video for the song. Directed by Theo Wenner (son of Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner), the video acts as a low-quality televangelism episode with Dan Auerbach serving as the fiery preacher and drummer Patrick Carney acting as his nodding co-pastor. It’s everything weird and wonderful you’d expect from The Black Keys and Wenner.

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With Auerbach as preacher, we’d easily join the masses for worship and the people in this video seem to be on the same page. As the poorly styled preacher man becomes more and more emphatic with his message, so too do his once-bored sheep. They start out in their pews, giving languid nods and dabbing at their sweaty brows. By the end of the video, they’re chanting, shaking and fainting in the aisles.

It seems like a pretty significant and accurate metaphor. Auerbach is one of many leaders of the Church of Rock and Roll, which congregates nightly in music venues across the globe. Being a lover of rock can lead to just as holy an experience as a Sunday in the pews. From the hushed whispers during the pre-show wait, to the gentle nods through unknown opening acts to full-on euphoria during the performance you came to see, you’ll certainly get your worship on.

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Further proof? How many of you are already dialing up the number posted at the bottom of the video? We’ll follow our rock gods anywhere. We read through their bible-like discographies and lyrics. We lose ourselves completely in their presences, basking in the spirits of the men and women who came before them. Want us to pay $50 for an hour of your music? Pass the offering plate. Think we’d look amazing in your t-shirts? We’ll trade you for our technicolor robes. Need us to dial a number on the screen and listen to nonsense? Forgive us for not doing it sooner.

Rock fans have a “fever”, alright, and it’s similar in every way to the religious fervor in The Black Keys’ new video. Just one question; will we see you when they bring their revival on the road? A tour is inevitable following Turn Blue‘s forthcoming release on May 13. We’re already praying to the Live Nation gods that we won’t get kicked out of pre-sale.

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