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VIDEO: Ashley Hebert “thrilled’ to find out sex of her baby

Ashley Hebert is thinking blue! The pregnant former Bachelorette has some big baby news to share, and she’s thrilled to spill the beans.

Ashley Hebert’s 2014 pregnancy is far enough along that she and dad-to-be J.P. Rosenbaum have found out they’re going to have a son!

Shouting the news from the Twitter hilltops on Wednesday, the reality star veteran wrote, “It’s a BOY!!!!!!!!! :))))) We’re thrilled!!”

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Other fun tweets from the mom-to-be in recent weeks include this nesting message, “Why am I so excited about cloth diapering??? #momprobz”, as well as this slightly disconcerting question-statement combo: “Pregnancy rage is real. Pregnancy rage is real?”

Copping to a bit of a caffeine whoopsie, Hebert also shared, “Went to pick up my second ‘decaf iced coffee’ this week from Dunkins only to find out they don’t have and have never had decaf iced coffee!!” She added, “Now I know why my baby has been dancing up a storm this week!!”

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The 30-year-old beauty also shared a bump-baring photo to announce the sex of baby Rosenbaum, posting this sweet shot to Instagram:

Leading up to the big reveal, the happily married man teased their fans by tweeting, “Jockstraps or tampons, what’s it gonna be? Less than an hour away!! #babyR @ashhebert.”

Despite insisting the “baby is blowing up [like] a balloon in my belly,” Hebert looks fantastic. She’s currently said to be three months along, and is due to deliver their son in October!

What name do you suggest for Ashley Hebert’s baby boy?

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