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VIDEO: When nature calls – Bob Costas takes pee break on-air

When you gotta go, you gotta go. That’s exactly what happened to Bob Costas when he was broadcasting live on Tuesday night.


Photo credit: WENN

Nature was calling big time from the broadcast booth on Tuesday night. Sportscaster Bob Costas felt the urge to go while doing play-by-play in the middle of a baseball game.

The veteran broadcaster was covering the New York Yankees versus the Seattle Mariners game for the MLB network alongside co-host John Smoltz. While on the air, the 62-year-old legend asked Smoltz, “How are your play-by-play skills?”

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He replied, “They’re not bad”.

That’s when Costas handed over the reins to Smoltz with, “Good. Take over for a while”, as he exited the broadcast booth to head to the bathroom mid-innings.

His replacement deftly handled the broadcast in the lead anchor’s absence.

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When Costas returned to the broadcast booth, he shared with viewers where he had gone. He said, “You know, this is an age of candor. Between innings, I headed to the men’s room. Nothing but broadcasters. Three Yankee broadcasters, three Mariner broadcasters. All queued up. All queued up between innings. What’s a guy to do?”

This is not the only time the broadcast legend has had a replacement during a big sporting event. During the Sochi Winter Olympics, Costas was forced to take a leave of absence after he developed pink eye. Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer pinch-hitted for him while he healed.

Watch Bob Costas’ big exit from the game.

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