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Carrie Underwood’s husband says he “stays out of her way

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are still smitten with each other. However, when it’s time for the country singer to work, her beau knows it’s time to get out of her way!

Carrie Underwoods' husband stays out of her way when she's working

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Carrie Underwood has been enjoying success with her music career lately, and her husband Mike Fisher has revealed that when she’s super focused he knows it’s time to leave her to do her thing.

And with six Grammy wins already under her belt, it’s not all that surprising that the blond beauty has been very focused on her work lately to produce her upcoming fifth studio album.

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“She’s actually real busy doing a lot of writing and stuff,” Fisher told Us Weekly at the Time 100 Gala in New York City, New York, on Tuesday. “I’ve been just kind of hanging out, just kind of being home and enjoying that.”

“I stay out of her way. I go golfing or go fishing or something,” he said.

The “Good Girl” hit maker decided to shed some light on her creative process, too, and how respectful of the process her husband is.

“He stays away. That whole creative process is such a weird thing, and I’ve talked to other people in the music business and friends and what they do and we all kind of have our own ‘isms.”

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So what does Underwood’s routine include? A lot of coffee, that’s what! “I go in and I’m like caffeinated. I get jacked up on caffeine and then I come home and crash,” she joked.

“I’ve been writing quite a bit, it’s exciting! It definitely has a different sound. There are some thematic things that are quite different. I love strong women. So I want things that I can get on stage and just feel empowered.”

Fans are undoubtedly very excited to hear the 31-year-old singer’s new work, but, on the other hand, her NFL player beau probably can’t wait for her to finish up so they can spend a little more time together.

So what do the loved-up pair do when they’re not working? Fisher revealed to the mag that they enjoy romantic dinners and alone time. Awww.

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