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Spider-Man cast on Andrew Garfield: He’s not like Spidey at all

We sat down with actors Jamie Foxx and Dane DeHaan to discuss their roles in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Bad guys don’t always finish last. Just look at all the fun Jamie Foxx and Dane DeHaan are having playing villains in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

“Bad guys have a lot of fun,” said Foxx, who plays a geeky electrical engineer-turned super-villain called Electro in the film. “I really relish being Electro.”

But Foxx admitted it would be fun to try on Spidey’s suit as well.

“I would love to play Spider-Man. If they were down for it. Can you imagine me swinging?”

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While Foxx admits that big franchise films haven’t been his thing in the past, he’s excited to be joining the ranks of other A-list stars who have donned disguises to bring our favorite superheroes and foes to life.

“If you look at all the superhero movies, it’s real actors who play them. They’re all great actors, so to be a part of it is really a no-brainer.”

Actor Dane DeHaan agrees that the Marvel world is a worthwhile one to join. He had to fight like a superhero to get the part of Peter Parker’s friend-turned-nemesis Harry Osborn.

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“I knew they were casting a new Harry Osborn for a long time,” DeHaan said. “They had a very different idea I think of the kind of person they wanted. It wasn’t until I finally broke down that door and got my first audition that they started to buy into what I was selling. It was a long hard-fought battle, but I’m so happy it turned out like it did.”

Since neither Foxx nor DeHaan have much in common with their on-screen roles, we wondered if the same was true of Andrew Garfield and his character Peter Parker.

“I don’t think he’s so similar,” cracked DeHaan. “He’s British.”

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