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Andrew Garfield on the moment he realized he didn’t want to be Spider-Man anymore

SheKnows sits down with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star Andrew Garfield and director Marc Webb.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in theaters this weekend, giving throngs of excited theatergoers a chance to experience the rush of watching Spider-Man sling webs as he swings above the streets of New York City.

Much of the film was shot on location in The Big Apple, lending an authentic feel to the movie, but it also left Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield with a few awkward memories. Like the time he tried to surprise some inner-city kids by offering to play basketball with them in his Spidey suit.

“We were in between takes down in Chinatown, and I went and played some basketball with some kids at a local basketball court,” Garfield said. “I was thinking, ‘Yeah, I’m going to be Spider-Man and they’re going to be freaking out!'”

But when he asked if he could play with them, the 8-year-olds responded with a less-than-enthusiastic “Yeah, sure.”

“They were not impressed,” Garfield said.

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Then again, maybe they didn’t realize they were talking to the real Spider-Man. With so many high-flying stunts in the film, surely there were a whole host of stand-ins and stunt-doubles walking around?

Director Marc Webb told us that wasn’t necessarily the case.

“The vast majority of the time it was Andrew (in the suit), unless there was somebody specifically doing a flip or being strung up. He actually crashed into a wall!”

Garfield laughed, admitting that he did indeed smack his face against a wall, which had us wondering which was the hardest scene for him to film.

“It was a clock tower scene, and it was really hot. I complained a lot,” Garfield admitted. “I got a bit moany.”

Apparently, filming in New York City last summer had its benefits, but for a Spider-Man-clad Garfield, the heat was not one of them.

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In addition to the heat, the clock tower scene required the use of smoke, and Garfield actually lost his voice for two days from the exertion.

Joking with Webb, Garfield told us his complaints included a sulky, “I don’t want to be Spider-Man anymore,” before clarifying, “No, I would never say that.”

With two more sequels already planned, we’re sure Garfield’s fans are relieved.

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