PHOTO: Meet Ryan Seacrest's new lady

Apr 30, 2014 at 6:34 p.m. ET

He doesn't have time for a girlfriend, but he has time for a dog. Meet Ryan Seacrest's new puppy.

Photo credit: Brian To/

Ryan Seacrest is ready for a commitment. Not to a new girlfriend, but to a puppy. On Wednesday, the American Idol host revealed a photo of his new baby girl named Georgia.

He captioned the photo on Instagram, "Here she is... my new puppy Georgia!!"

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The beautiful dog is all black with dark eyes. She puts on her best puppy pout while looking into the camera. Georgia is surrounded by a red toy ball while lying on a sheepskin rug on the grass.


The 39-year-old host told Ellen DeGeneres about his new dog on her daytime talk show.

He shared, "I had dogs in relationships, and then they end and the dogs would go. This is my first dog. My very own dog."

The TV personality had a great reason for picking the name that he did for his furry friend. He even gave himself a deadline for adopting the puppy — May 1.

"I'm from the state of Georgia," he said. "I had the name before I had the dog. So I came up with a name, and I got so excited about the name that I figured, 'OK, I have to follow through with the deadline and getting the dog.'"

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The lucky animal will be heading to work with Seacrest from time to time to prepare him for his future commitments of a wife and kids.

He joked to DeGeneres, "This is all happening at the right time. I'm turning 40 in a few months. [Now] I've got the dog. I think my mother's expecting grandkids soon, so I'll name the grandkids, then find the wife."