Hollywood's Humanitarians: Bella Thorne's message for teenage girls

Apr 30, 2014 at 10:02 a.m. ET

She's been famous for years, but she's giving back to the teens who made her famous. Hear what Bella Thorne is working on with iDECIDE.

Bella Thorne has grown up before our eyes since she launched her career on Disney Channel's Shake It Up! back in 2010. Now that the series has concluded, the 16-year-old star is moving in a different direction and helping teens make good decisions in their personal lives.

SheKnows talked with the young actress about the iDECIDE campaign, whose work was highlighted during Alcohol Awareness Month in April.

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She remarked, "I've just turned 16, but I've quickly learned that the path to success is all about making smart choices, standing up for what you believe in and staying healthy. I'm so excited to join the iDECIDE campaign to share this message with my fans so they can follow their dreams and have happy, successful futures!"

As for her own life, Thorne turns to her family for support when she's faced with difficult situations in Hollywood.

"I have a really good family, and I'm really surrounded by a lot of great people. So I remain grounded. I have to think about my family and what would be best for me," the teen star said.

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She understands why a campaign with a celebrity spokesperson is necessary. Thorne explained, "It's really important because teens are faced with tough decisions, and it's nice to have someone to be there for them."

She mentioned that her teen followers can get involved by going to "the website Responsibility.org or going to @Bella_iDECIDE on Twitter or @Bella_idecide on Instagram."

For Thorne, the sky's the limit these days since she will next be seen in the comedy Blended, starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, which will be released on May 23. She had an amazing time filming with the two Hollywood heavyweights. She described Sandler as a guy who "loves his sports" and Barrymore as a "delight who is one of the most beautiful women I've ever met."

After her work on the film, look for Thorne to add directing to her résumé. She told SheKnows, "I expect to be at the Oscars in the next 10 years."

Now there's a girl with ambition!

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