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VIDEO: Watch Nina Nesbitt perform acoustic version of “Stay Out”

Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt recently dropped by the studio. We were lucky enough not only to score a special acoustic performance of her song “Stay Out,” but we also got to chat with the talented songstress about her life thus far.

At 19, singer Nina Nesbitt has already made a proper name for herself. With the release of her debut album earlier this year, the Scottish teen made her first stab at the charts and came away pretty successful. Peroxide peaked at the top spot in Scotland and came in at No. 11 on the U.K. charts. Now she’s looking to leave her mark on America.

She stopped by our studio and was sweet enough to play us a stripped-down version of her single “Stay Out” and then stuck around to talk. From Ed Sheeran to her family background to the paparazzi, there was nothing sacred, and we got the bright young talent’s input on everything.

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Nesbitt has a rather interesting connection with Sheeran. She started out as a gymnast and teen model and actually found her way into Sheeran’s video for the single “Drunk.” She even landed a gig opening up on one of his tours. After traveling with our ginger obsession, we had to ask what she thought of Sheeran and her time with him. Nesbitt had nothing but kind words.

“It was an amazing experience,” Nesbitt said. “It was really early on in my career so, yeah, a great opportunity and playing to lots of people every night. And obviously he’s done really well as well, so he’s inspiring.”

After touring with Sheeran, who now has a small gaggle of paparazzi following him everywhere, we had to wonder if Nesbitt saw a bump in the attention being paid to her by paparazzi, too. Had she ever been hounded? Sadly, she had.

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“[There were] a couple in the U.K., and once when I was on holiday, which was really weird because I didn’t even say where I was,” Nesbitt shared. “And I was lying on the sunbed, and I went onto Twitter and someone was like, ‘Oh, my God! You’re in the newspaper in your bikini.'”

How’d she react? Not happily, obviously! She thought she’d managed to shrug off the photographers and hadn’t dressed to be caught on camera.

“I was like, ‘Nooo!'” lamented Nesbitt. “I’d been going about with, obviously, no makeup on and hair just bundled atop my head and a mismatching bikini. It wasn’t even a full bikini; it was like this weird top-thing and a pair of pants.”

Of course, the fashion police weren’t about to forgive the young singer for her supposedly private fashion faux pas. Nesbitt said everyone left really nasty messages commenting on her outfit. Poor girl! Even when on vacation celebs can’t manage to let their guard down.

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To hear more about Nesbitt’s life, including her awkward beginnings as a singer and what it was like to grow up in Scotland, watch our entire interview in the video above, and don’t forget to watch our exclusive in-studio performance, too.

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