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Schwing! Leslie Mann’s sexy man-for-a-day plan

If Leslie Mann were actually a man for an entire day, she’d make the very most of the experience. Check out her plans to test out the “mechanics.”

Leslie Mann

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Leslie Mann has no qualms about going public with what she’d do if she were suddenly given a different set of privates. The The Other Woman actress, who is the wife of Judd Apatow and mom to their two daughters, held little back when fielding a fairly personal question during a BBC radio interview.

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When asked what she’d do if she were a man for just one day, the 42-year-old replied bluntly, “I would have sex.”

Elaborating further on her curiosity, Mann continued, “I would love to know how it operates! Like what the real mechanics feel like! It would be fun to feel the other side, wouldn’t it?”

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While getting frisky would be on the to-do list, this is one beauty who wouldn’t bother buying her lady love a fragrant bouquet.

“I feel like flowers are a little bit of a waste because they cost like $100,” Mann explained. “Why not give me something I can use over and over again? Just give me the cash, I would be so excited!”

Chiming in to share she’s on the same page, Mann’s co-star, Cameron Diaz, added, “If an envelope showed up at my door with $100, I would be happy!”

Sounds like if Mann’s man-for-a-day experience ever becomes a reality, she might want to ring up the lovely and single Ms. Diaz!

Tell us, ladies: What would you do if you were a man for a day?

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