VIDEO: Here’s why Matt Goss is the newest man to steal our hearts

Matt Goss is more than just a man with a sexy voice; he’s a downright delightful guy, too. He recently stopped by SheKnows HQ and we had a hard time letting him go.

“I was born in South East London so if you’ve ever seen that movie Snatch, that’s pretty much where I’m from,” Matt Goss began when we asked him to tell us about his life. “My granddad and my family are East Londoners… and Irish grandparents. I was in my first band when I was 12 and I was in bands all throughout school with terrible names like Caviar. We didn’t know what caviar was, we just knew it was expensive. Then we found out it was fish eggs, so then we thought we should change our names.”

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Obviously, Caviar didn’t last long, and neither did many of the bands that followed. Eventually, though, he found massive U.K. success with the band Bros, who sold millions of records during their time together. After almost a decade of living the crazy life of a pop star and even playing to 70,000 people at Wembley Stadium, Goss wanted something new.

“And then began the journey,” Goss said. “It was about fame or about going somewhere like America where I could see if I could make records and break [into] new territory… so, I started the journey here. And now it’s been six years in Vegas and five years at Caesars Palace.”

He’s got a brand-new album on the way, too, and he has even released an autobiography detailing his struggle with inner fear. It’s hard to believe such a handsome bloke could have any sort of self-doubt and, while that might have been the case at one time, it isn’t anymore. Goss says he’s let go of fear in lieu of having a brighter future.

“I think [the key is] ridding yourself of fear and, for me, that’s still an ongoing process. We all fear things, but I don’t think fear will ever be the creator of your dreams. I think believing in everything is possible will create your dreams,” Goss said. Adding, “I have this mentality that storms only last a certain period of time and you should go left foot, right foot through the storm because you’ll end up beating the storm. Dance along the way.”

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That’s pretty deep stuff, but we had plenty of fun with Goss, as well. It was particularly entertaining to hear stories about the crazy ways fans would try to get to him. Our favorite story took place in Tokyo.

“I was in Toyko once, and the dumbwaiter on the 12th floor, the door opened and two fans fell out of this dumbwaiter, you know, where they bring up the food?” Goss said. “They fell out and it was so extraordinary to me that I ended up talking to them.”

Goss was quick to say, though, that he truly appreciates his fans. He says they feel like family because he’s met girls, watched them meet their boyfriends and then watched those boyfriends turn into husbands. It sounds like he’s even done his fair share of baby-kissing. Despite their sometimes-crazy ways, Goss says he knows they just genuinely care about him. It’s hard to hold a grudge against someone simply because they love you too much, right?

With so much success in the U.K. and around the world, what made Goss leap across the pond to find himself residing in Vegas? Goss admitted that, while he’s still a good little Brit, he likes America’s views on success. According to Goss, Brits expect you to hang your head in embarrassment upon becoming successful, whereas here in the U.S., Americans expect you to want, strive for and relish in your success.

Goss is definitely proving to be successful… and quite the hunk. During his time at the SheKnows studios, we chatted with him about plenty more juicy bits, including the girl of his dreams, his feelings on celebrities and what makes him cry. To find out those deets and so much more about our new crush, watch the video. And, you know, try not to drool on your keyboards.

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