INTERVIEW: Emblem3 reveals the truth about Simon Cowell

Apr 28, 2014 at 3:47 p.m. ET

Think Simon Cowell is a complete jerk? Think again! The Emblem3 guys say they couldn't ask for a better guy to have on their team.

Emblem3 are everywhere now and that's due in no small part to their time on The X Factor. The show may have ended, but the band is just getting started. Helping them along the way has been none other than tough guy, Simon Cowell. As it turns out, though, the guys from Emblem3 think he's a pretty nice dude.

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"He's actually really nice," they admitted. "He's like a stuffed animal, like a teddy bear."

What? That seems crazy, but the guys swear it's true. Does that mean his cranky judge thing is all an act? Not quite. The guys think Cowell is just a smart business man who is brutally honest with you. That's not necessarily a bad thing.

"I think he's just honest, because it makes for great TV," one of the guys explained. "But, on the other side, business-wise, he's the guy you want on your team."

That's true enough. Cowell's various talent-seeking television shows have spawned the successful careers of at least half a dozen musicians, so viewers clearly take his opinions seriously. Cowell's show, The X Factor, may be over, but it still served as a major catalyst for Emblem3's success and the boys seem to have no intention of forgetting where it all began.

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"It was a huge opportunity to us to play our music to 15-20 million people every single episode," the guys said. "Any chance you get an opportunity like that, probably a good idea to take it. Since we've done X Factor, we've been to 13 different countries and basically every state. All right, I'll shut up now."

Of course, they're sad to see the show end, but they've got everything in perspective.

"We're just so grateful for that experience and it's sad that it's over, but it's a new chapter for us."

The show may be over, but the guys will certainly see plenty more of Simon Cowell. You can bet we'll see plenty more of Cowell and Emblem3, too.

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