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Mad Men review: The return of Don Draper

It took all day, but SC&P agreed to let Don return. Not without a few stipulations, though.

Mad Men

TIPhoto credit: AMC

Life has been rough for Don Draper lately. His career was nonexistent, he was dealing with the consequences of Sally catching him “in the act” and straight up lying to his wife. As Mad Men‘s Season 7 kicks off its first half, however, Draper is slowly but surely coming out on top. This week’s win came with some strict rules, though.

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Don and Megan on the rocks

After hearing that Megan was flying off the rails in auditions, Don (Jon Hamm) made a mid-week trip back to California. Apparently they had sex, but AMC spared us the details. Shortly after their roll in the hay, though, Don came clean. He told Megan the reason he’d come back was to make sure she was OK. He also came clean on his current employment situation (he also tooted his own horn by saying he hadn’t had an affair recently and wasn’t drinking as much). After hearing the news, Megan replied with, “So with a clear head, you got up every day and decided you didn’t want to be with me?” Yes, Megan. Because you’re really annoying. Later, Don called from New York to try to fix things, but Megan wasn’t having it, telling him, “It’s OK, Don. This is how it ends.”

Can this breakup stick? Please? We’re so over Megan.

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On the bright side, Don has his job back

There’s a reason Roger Sterling (John Slattery) is the president of SC&P: He’s an excellent salesman. He showed up ready to fight this week when he told Don to come back to work, without first clearing it with the rest of the partners. During a partner meeting, Roger was the only one who seemed 100 percent on board with welcoming back Draper. After much debate, though, Don was allowed to return. You know, as long as he agreed to play by their rules, like:

  • No alone time with clients
  • Every move he makes must be approved by the partners
  • No drinking in the office
  • (Worst of all) He reports to Lou

Honestly, we expected Don to flip the table. Those rules are beyond ludicrous… especially the suggestion that Lou should somehow be above him. Draper took the rules with a smile, which leads us to believe he most definitely had something up his sleeve.

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Best moment:

Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) telling Don they didn’t miss him. WTF, girl? You know that’s a lie. Lou is a grade-A jerk and his opinions are complete drivel. Stop trying to be a tough guy — let go of your annoyance with Don and love him like you used to.

Worst moment:

Don kept his clothes on for sex with Megan. The last of sleeping with secretaries and hooking up with randoms has not gone unnoticed by anyone. Making matters worse, Don finally got some action but we never saw him shirtless. Matthew Weiner, you’re dead to us.

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