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Rumor mill says Miley Cyrus is hooking up with the Biebs’ dad

Just when we thought it was impossible for Miley Cyrus to shock us anymore, a rumor springs up that she’s getting to know Justin Bieber’s dad in the biblical sense.

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber hooking up? Not exactly a place we want to visit, but not really shocking news, either. But what about word that while Cyrus isn’t partaking in any hanky-panky with Justin Bieber, she is getting together with his dad, Jeremy Bieber? Now that’s juicy!

Miley Cyrus munches on a fan’s dirty thong >>

The interweb is abuzz with the rumor that the “Wrecking Ball” singer has had relations with the elder Biebs. Besides the fact that Jeremy is much older than Cyrus (he’s 38, she’s only 21), the rumored couple would not be the holiest of unions.

Jeremy’s reputation isn’t exactly stellar, and it’s been widely known for a while that the father has a rather violent past. A woman recently surfaced who claims that Jeremy assaulted her, roundhouse-kicking her face so hard that she was left with pieces of broken teeth in her throat. The attack occurred in 2002 and left the woman with her jaw broken in two places. It’s also been speculated that Justin’s downward spiral has been influenced by the behavior of his father.

And oh, what a downward spiral it’s been. Justin Bieber was taken in on DUI charges in January, and he is also facing charges in Canada for allegedly assaulting a limo driver in December. His most recent snafu involves being detained by immigration officials at Los Angeles International airport just yesterday.

While the Bieber clan clearly has its issues, Cyrus hasn’t really been the model of saintly behavior, either. She’s been linked to everyone from Jared Leto to Kellan Lutz, but when the term “linked” is used, it doesn’t necessarily indicate a relationship. According to an inside source, Lutz and Cyrus are friends who make out, but nothing more. Cyrus hasn’t exhibited violence yet, however, so she’s got that going for her.

Do you think there’s any truth to the rumor? Did Miley have to take her behavior to a new level to keep her shock factor fresh?

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