Tori Spelling calls Dean a liar: We had a very good sex life

Tori Spelling has a big decision ahead of her: whether or not to stay with her cheating husband Dean McDermott.

Tori Spelling

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Despite the fact that their relationship began by cheating on their spouses, Tori Spelling said she never dreamed that Dean McDermott would actually cheat on her.

The reality star sat down with Us Weekly to dispute some of the things viewers saw McDermott say in televised couples therapy sessions, as well as to his mistress Emily Goodhand, like the fact they rarely had sex.

“He cheated on me. One of my worst fears came true,” she told the tabloid. “On some level I never thought it would really happen.

“For having four children and very chaotic schedules, I thought we had a very, very good sex life. Dean said he didn’t say that to her. It’s ‘he said/she said,’ and I obviously haven’t talked to Emily so I don’t know what he said to her,” she says.

While many fans are hoping Spelling throws him out, she said it’s not that simple.

“You don’t stop loving someone because they do something really bad to you,” she explained. “He was my soul mate, but he completely broke my heart. It makes you not trust anything that’s happened in your relationship. But until I figure it out, I don’t want my kids to know any different.

“I owe this relationship more than just saying something horrible happened and dismissing it. I need to figure out if he can change,” she said. “If I can’t ever let my guard down again, then there can’t be a relationship. I always said, ‘If he ever cheated on me, I would be out of there!’ Whether I can ever trust him again, that’s the big question.”

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