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VIDEO: Connie Britton teases Nashville season finale twists

SheKnows chats exclusively with Nashville star, Connie Britton, about the twists and turns coming in the Nashville Season 2 finale, performing for the troops and some helpful beauty tips for busy women.

On the second season of ABC’s Nashville, Connie Britton’s character, Rayna, has had her fair share of troubles. A car accident that nearly cost her life, her father’s imprisonment, release and death, not to mention the truth about her daughter’s real father coming out — it’s hard to imagine that Rayna, or any of the other characters, could go through much more. But if the first season finale of Nashville taught fans anything, it was to expect the unexpected.

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SheKnows spoke exclusively with Britton about the last episodes of the show’s second season, including what it was like to work with the nation’s first lady.

“Oh, yes, it’s all just begun,” Britton teased. “I do think these last episodes are really great ones and [in] the second-to-last episode, Michelle Obama is going to be on the show, which is incredibly exciting. The reason she’s there is because we actually went and shot at an army base. We shot at Fort Campbell, which is outside of Nashville. My character, Rayna, puts on a big concert for the troops and it was a really incredible experience for us to be able to go and do this concert for the troops there.”

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. “Then that leads us into the finale episode, which is not going to be unsatisfying, let me put it that way,” Britton revealed. “There are great stories that take us into that episode and great twists and turns, and there was one, in particular, that even caught me by surprise. So it’s going to be very satisfying for audiences, I’m sure.”

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Another challenge for Rayna has been working with her sometimes-rival, Juliette. The two characters have gone from hating each other to respecting each other and Britton has enjoyed both aspects of their relationship.

“I hope that they’re not ever just completely best buds,” Britton said about the two women. “Because I think we would miss out on so much of the fun dynamic between them that I just think is fundamentally there. But I like that there’s sort of a growing respect between them and that’s important to me. I know Hayden and I both felt this way, that we ultimately wanted to show female performers in support of one another, which is certainly what I experience in real life.”

When talking about all the challenges that Rayna has faced this season, Britton became reflective.

“Gosh, let’s see. She lost her father this season, who was in jail. That was a tough one, for sure; also because there were so many emotional links to her father. So I think that was definitely emotionally challenging for the character. Then, really, anything with her daughters always is of utmost importance because, as we all know as mothers, those are the most important things that we deal with.”

Britton also shared some of her beauty regimen and how she keeps her skin healthy while working all day on the set.

“I’ve been working with Ponds, thank goodness,” Britton shared. “One of the things I have discovered recently of theirs that I love — and it’s been around forever — that we all know about, is the Ponds cold cream cleanser.

“I love it, especially after I’ve had a long day, particularly if I’ve been performing and have a lot of makeup on,” Britton continued. “I put it on and it feels like I’m doing a treatment for my skin, really, and it removes makeup, everything.”

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What about for ladies who are in a hurry and don’t have time for a full cleansing treatment? Don’t worry; Britton has advice for you gals, too.

“The other thing I’ve been loving, too, that is a Ponds product is the towelettes, which are incredibly convenient. You can start your day cleansing with a towelette and it also tones and moisturizes and is wonderful. I have them with me all day. I have them on the set with me, I throw them in my car and it’s always really refreshing and wonderful, so I’ve been really happy with those.”

To learn more about the final episodes of Nashville Season 2 and to hear more beauty secrets, be sure to check out the full interview above.

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