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VIDEO: Asher Roth moves on from his “College” days with RetroHash

Asher Roth made huge waves with his “I Love College” tune in 2009, but he went AWOL for five years, leaving fans wanting more. However, he is now back and better than ever with a new, awesome album.

Back from a five-year hiatus, Asher Roth is ready with his second album and feeling much more grown up this time around.

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SheKnows caught up with Roth in our studios and spoke to him about his new album, being healthy and coming a long way from the “I Love College” rapper we all remember. After the success of his first album, the 28-year-old Pennsylvania rapper said he needed to step back and take a break, admitting he needed to go back to his normal life for a while.

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“I moved back to Philadelphia for a little bit just to go home — I wanted to go home,” Roth said. “So, I moved back to Philly, reconnected with a lot of old friends and just liked being stable for a second.”

Not only is he back now, but Roth’s got an awesome new album titled RetroHash, which is already getting positive reviews. The hip-hop artist’s new music is all about being real, being true to who he is and is a result of how happy he is in his life right now.

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“I’m in a really good place as far as, you know, just getting to (the) point where you understand and appreciate more the simpler things,” Roth revealed. “Like the relationships in my life are healthy, the people in my life are healthy, my family is healthy and those are the things I’m appreciative for.”

RetroHash is about being happy and free. “It’s pressure-less” Roth said. “It kind of touches on self-discovery and transformation.”

In the five years Roth has been out of the spotlight, he claims he’s grown up and learned much about how he wants to live. He likes being healthy, eating well and taking care of himself. No more college grub for this guy!

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“I’m very lucky for my health, sounds cliché, but I’ve always talked about this, my feelings on the food industry… I’ve been able to make it this far being very healthy,” Roth added. “I’ve never been really sick and nothing is possible without being healthy.”

Roth has definitely grown up, and he’s back and better than ever before. Healthy and happy, the singer put all his positive feelings together and created another great album. RetroHash and the single “Tangerine Girl” are already out and boasting pretty good reviews.

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