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VIDEO: People‘s Most Beautiful women go makeup-less

Some of People magazine’s Most Beautiful went without makeup on a cute video where they read nice tweets about themselves. And they still look beautiful.

Allison Williams

Photo credit: Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/

Even without makeup, People magazine’s Most Beautiful still look gorgeous in a new video where they read nice tweets about themselves.

In a hilarious clip, women who made People’s Most Beautiful list this year sit down to read very complimentary tweets from adoring fans. The kicker is that they do so while apparently wearing no makeup and looking fantastically gorgeous all the same.

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“These are tweets that I’ve never seen before that apparently are funny and have to do with the way I look,” Allison Williams kicks off the video. “So, what could go wrong?”

Next we see Naomie Harris, no makeup and looking awesome, reading a tweet that says, “Beautiful and her body is just delicious,” followed by Jenna Dewan-Tatum who reads that she’s “so perfectly beautiful,” again, no makeup.

Then, a fresh-faced Cobie Smulders reads how a fan thinks she “is a firestorm of sexuality.”

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The clean and makeup-free stars go on reading more gushing tweets that just get increasingly more outrageous, although they seem to love hearing the compliments they are given. Of course, with the mean things said every day about celebs on Twitter these days, who wouldn’t want a little love now and then?

But, looking like these ladies do without makeup, it’s hard not to give them compliments and accolades for being gorgeous and still remain mostly modest.

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“If I had a body like hers, I would walk around naked,” an enthusiastic user said about Harris, who looks at the camera with bewilderment. “She’s so beautiful.”

The video ends with what could be the ultimate compliment, when a fan tweeted: “Cobie Smulders, or as I like to say, ‘Women who can turn straight girls gay.'”

Check out the video below and see yourself.

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