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Hail to the chief’s wife: Michelle Obama on Parks and Rec

Parks and Recreation welcomes a very special guest star for the Season 6 finale: First Lady Michelle Obama. We’ve got a photo from the first lady’s appearance, plus sneak-peek clips from the episode.

First Lady Michelle Obama makes cameo in Parks and Recreation season finale

Photo credit: NBC

Just when you thought the Parks and Recreation season finale couldn’t get any bigger, they bring in a guest star to beat all other guest stars. First Lady Michelle Obama will be appearing in the Season 6 finale as (who else?) herself.

Star Amy Poehler announced in an interview that fans needed to be sure to watch every single moment of the finale, including the final minutes. Could this be the scene where the first lady appears or could it be in reference to the huge decision Poehler’s character, Leslie Knope, has to make about her career?

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“Speaking of surprises, I just want to underline that the last minute or so of our season finale — the last moments are really important, and big things happen that kind of show you where we’re going and where a lot of the characters are going,” Poehler revealed. “I would encourage everybody to make sure that they watch until the very end.”

If the above pieces of information aren’t enough to get you excited for tonight’s finale, how about some clips from the episode?

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In the first clip, Leslie, Ben and Andy take a trip to San Francisco and visit Alcatraz. Andy doesn’t quite understand what the place is and seems to think it was constructed by Michael Bay purely for a movie. Meanwhile, Leslie has a lot more than just sightseeing on her mind and contemplates her future and if it will take her away from Pawnee.

In the next clip, Ben is still on a quest to give the people of Pawnee free Wi-Fi and he’s willing to go to any lengths to do it. When he spots the people at the tech start-up playing Cones of Dunshire, he comes up with an unusual plan to make his dream a reality.

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In the last clip, preparations for the soft opening of Tom’s Bistro are underway, but they run into a massive problem when Larry makes his biggest mistake ever. Let’s just say that you might not want to take a close look at the menus for the restaurant and leave it at that.

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