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David Letterman welcomes Stephen Colbert on The Late Show 

David Letterman welcomed his successor Stephen Colbert on The Late Show on Tuesday. Colbert will be taking over for Letterman in 2015.

David Letterman welcomes his replacement Stephen Colbert on The Late Show

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Just two weeks after CBS announced that Stephen Colbert is set to become the new host of The Late Show, he has made an appearance at his future home. Colbert appeared on the show on Tuesday night to have a chat with the man he will be replacing in 2015, David Letterman.

“He just dropped by to sign the lease,” Letterman joked during his opening monologue. “He’ll be taking over the show sometime next year — pending the physical.”

The Colbert Report host and Letterman appeared to be very comfortable in each other’s presence as the 67-year-old host welcomed his successor with open arms, and the pair even posed for a selfie together during Colbert’s visit.

And while there has been criticism of CBS’ choice of the man who will follow in Letterman’s footsteps, Colbert doesn’t appear to be letting it upset him.

“I’m going to do whatever you have done,” Colbert graciously told Letterman. “I’m thrilled. It’s an honor to be taking over for you.”

“I’m thrilled as well,” Letterman replied. “Paul (Shaffer) and I have been doing this a long, long time. They could have just as easily hired another boob like me. They didn’t.”

Colbert retorted, “Every boob is like a snowflake, Dave. We’re all unique in our own way.”

However, Colbert was not just on the show to talk about boobs. The comedian will officially be taking over for Letterman next year, but this is actually not the first time he’s considered a career at Late Night. In fact, in 1986, he accompanied his college girlfriend to the Late Night headquarters for an internship interview.

And it all worked out in Colbert’s favor because he landed the internship and his girlfriend didn’t, but he ended up not taking the position.

When the iconic host asked Colbert why he had rejected the internship, Colbert responded, “Because you did not pay people. It is an expensive city.”

“Dave, I have to ask, the next job I’m taking here, it pays? Because I already signed the papers,” he joked.

Next year looks set to be an interesting one.

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