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PHOTOS: Kardashians & other celebs rocking thong swimsuits

Is 2014 the year of the booty? If celebs’ choice of swimwear is any indication, the answer is a definitive yes. If you need a little inspiration to get your rear in gear for bikini season, look no further than these cheeky stars daring to bare their derrieres.

Emily Browning

Emily Browning and Ashley Greene on location

Photo credit: Cousart/JFXimages/

On the set of their movie, The Shangri-La Suite, Ashley Greene and co-star, Emily Browning, take a moment to enjoy the beach locale. But while Greene plays it safe in a canary-yellow vintage number, Browning puts her booty on display in a bold two-piece.

Aubrey O’Day

Sure, Aubrey O’Day has had her ups and downs. Who hasn’t, though? The bottom (tee-hee) line is that she’s clearly been hard at work on her rear view — and we’ve got total a** envy.

Seriously, if you’ve got a booty that looks as good as O’Day’s in a thong bikini, we don’t begrudge you owning more than one skimpy swimsuit to show off your best, ahem, asset.

Kim Kardashian

In what was quite possibly the butt selfie from which all belfies were born, Kim Kardashian showed off some major gluteus maximus in a white monokini. We know Kimmie proved on Keeping Up with the Kardashians that she doesn’t have cheek implants, but when we look at this, we can’t help but think, “Seriously, is that thing real?”

Gisele Bündchen

Ahh, what says bonding with your son more than yoga on the beach? We find it a teensy bit weird that she’s rocking a thong in front of her kiddos, but we’d have found it even weirder if her son was wearing one, too. That’s the kind of family bonding future therapy sessions are made of.

Kendall Jenner

In this tropical photo, Kendall Jenner mused, “Just me and my coconut.” Hey, Jenner… you forgot to mention your a** cheeks. Just you, your coconut and your a** cheeks. How quaint.

We sure hope Kendall slathered her derriere with some sunblock before she decided to lounge around. We’ve never had a**burn before, but it doesn’t sound super sexy.

Kylie Jenner

Not to be outdone by her sisters, Kylie Jenner gets in on the thong action with a high-waisted bikini. To her credit, though, she leaves quite a bit more to the imagination than her belfie-lovin’ kin.

Posing with a couple of pals, Kylie proves she’s got the same ample derriere her older sisters are known for. Clearly, booty is hereditary… or derriere-itary. No?

Lea Michele

Lea Michele definitely hits a high note in her thong bikini while on vacation in Mexico. Is there a Glee boot camp we can sign up for to get a killer rear view? Maybe she can choreograph us a nice a**.


You know RiRi loves to play the bad girl, and here she really plays up her naughty persona by paddleboarding in a thong bikini… while smoking.

The award for most a** flashed in a thong definitely goes to Rihanna. This teeny-tiny thong number proves the pop star has nothing to hide.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian is a big fan of making risky fashion choices, so it isn’t terribly surprising the paparazzi caught her poolside in Las Vegas recently in an olive-green thong monokini. Apparently on a thong kick, she also posted this photo of her and Khloé in Miami on Instagram.

Miley Cyrus

C’mon… this can’t come as a shock, right? Cyrus basically lives in thongs. Here, she lets it all hang out poolside — bruises and everything. Now that’s classy.

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