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Model Kate Upton admits that she’s been cheated on before

Kate Upton has just made her film debut in The Other Woman, and she reveals that the story line is not too far off from her own life — she’s also been cheated on.

Kate Upton is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, and many, many men would love to get the chance to date the Victoria’s Secret model. But Upton has admitted she’s had her heart broken more than once in the past.

The blond beauty has just starred in her first Hollywood film The Other Woman alongside co-stars Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann. The forthcoming comedy film is about three woman who are all being cheated on by the same man and how they plot their revenge. Upton has admitted that the film’s story is actually not too far off from her real life.

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I definitely have been cheated on. Everybody’s been through betrayal some way or another in their life. You’re heartbroken and you have to heal that,” Upton told The Mirror.

So has the 21-year-old star done anything outrageous to get revenge on her ex-lovers?

“I personally think the best revenge is just walking away and not wasting another second of your time with someone who’s clearly emotionally handicapped. I think if someone hurts you in that way, it’s not your job to change him, and it’s not your job to be there while he’s finding himself, and finding who he is.”

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“So I think walking away and being who you need to be for the rest of your life is the most important thing,” Upton wisely revealed to the publication.

The Other Woman is Upton’s film debut, so how did she find the change of career, and what was it like working on the set?

“I’ve learned so much from this movie. I’ve never really been on a set before. I’d never done it before. I took lessons for two years, but that’s not the same thing at all,” the model said.

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“I learned so much from Cameron and Leslie. I’m sure anybody who’s been in a room with them sees just how open they are and amazing they are, and I got to know them on a personal level.”

And hopefully, this is not the last film that we’ll see Upton in either!

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