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5 Tasty moments from True Blood‘s Season 7 trailer

There’s action, romance and, of course, lots of blood. Judging by the just-released promo, the final season of True Blood just may be everything fans are hoping for.
We’re eating up every second of this newly released promo trailer for True Blood Season 7, the series’ final season. It looks like the season will begin right in the heart of the action and carry us through until the end. Here are five moments that make us want to put the teaser trailer on repeat.

1. Sookie’s haunting narration

Sookie (Anna Paquin) takes us through the state of the town in the 35-second teaser. Her sweet, Southern-accented voice doesn’t seem so innocent when she’s describing the vampire takeover and government abandonment we’re being prepped for in Season 7. She sounds downright hopeless, which really sets the mood.

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2. Maxine Fortenberry goes for the gun

She’s always been off her rocker, but the second the vamps attack and that woman is, of course, wielding a pistol. That image of her in the promo will singe itself onto your brain because it clearly spells trouble. Nothing good can come of that woman aiming a weapon at anyone or anything, even a crazed vampire.

3. The “sick vampires” chomp down on Bon Temps

It’s vampires meets zombie apocalypse all in the small town of Bon Temps that we’ve come to know and love. It looks like the town will hardly be making it out of this season unscathed. As Sookie says in the promo, “There’s no one left.” Will it be Bill or Eric to the rescue? Perhaps Sookie will have to save herself this time around.

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4. “Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.”

Poor Andy has been through quite the storm of bad news bears. It looks like things won’t be getting brighter for this sheriff as his town is attacked by crazed bloodsuckers. That dropped, terrified expression will be making its comeback in Season 7 just the way we like it. Hopefully, this time around, he’ll continue to fight the good fight. It looks like Andy, Sookie and the rest of Bon Temps will form quite the rat pack.

5. Femme fatale with stakes

Who is that sexy, spike-toothed lady wielding those stakes of glory? Any guesses? The teaser trailer doesn’t focus on her long enough to get a clear picture, but we can’t wait to find out. Hello, Blade flashback. We think she might be Jason’s new girlfriend Violet. We’re looking forward to seeing some good vampire showdowns. Some spicy action is definitely in store for the final season.

True Blood Season 7 premieres June 22 on HBO.

Are you tuning in for the final season of True Blood?

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