Lindsay Lohan confirms sex list is real

Lindsay Lohan’s “sex list” has some big names on it, and the actress finally confirms it came from her. But it was never meant to be seen by anyone.

Lindsay Lohan

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Of all the people who have opened up about the alleged sex list written by Lindsay Lohan, LiLo herself has stayed quiet — until now.

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The actress finally admitted the list is hers, but it was not something that was supposed to be for public consumption. Lohan finally opened up with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, and while she said the list was real, she stopped short of saying if it was indeed a list of “conquests.”

“You know, I’m going to get serious for a second. That was actually my fifth step in [Alcoholics Anonymous] at Betty Ford,” she told Cohen, according to the Huffington Post. “And someone, when I was moving during the OWN show, must have taken a photo of it. And so that’s a really personal thing and it’s really unfortunate. I talk about it on the last episode on the OWN show, so, to be continued.”

The list includes some famous names, including Zac Efron, Joaquin Phoenix, Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine, Ashton Kutcher, Orlando Bloom, Ryan Phillippe and Benicio Del Toro.

The source who leaked the list had told In Touch that Lohan wrote the list while at a party with friends in Beverly Hills in January 2013. But it’s also possible if someone from OWN was the one who leaked the list, they could be trying to cover up for the breach of trust.

“The fact that that happened was not only humiliating, but just mean,” she said.

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Oprah Winfrey thinks Lohan is doing just fine, though. She recently told David Letterman, “I think she’s doing really OK. To have cameras following you around for every phase of your life, and you are trying to pull your life together, I think that’s a really difficult thing. So, yeah, we’re really pleased she’s making some progress.”

The actress will apparently discuss the list during the last episode of her docu-series on OWN.


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