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10 Pictures of ‘Human Barbie’ Valeria Lukyanova That Prove She’s a Real Girl

About five years ago, Valeria Lukyanova was getting some serious press. Her odd statements (remember when she said she was a Breatharian who seeks to exist solely off light and air?!) and other-worldy appearance went viral, and we were all oddly obsessed with the self-proclaimed “human Barbie.”

Lukyanova might have faded from the scene a bit as of late, but she’s definitely still around, kickin’ it like a human being. Because that’s what she is: A flesh-and-bone person. Her carefully curated appearance may suggest otherwise, but there are actually a ton of pics that prove that Lukyanova is a real person.

In fact, we should probably be praising Lukyanova as an extremely gifted makeup artist instead of creeping on her like she’s a total oddball. When you strip away all the doll makeup, you realize how much talent goes into putting it on.

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Here are some photos of Lukyanova that show her more human side.

1. Bare face, whittled waist
In this revealing bikini pic posted in 2014, the Ukrainian boasts a bare face and a whittled waist. Without her typical doll-eye contact lenses and layers of shellac, she looks kinda normal (kinda). But what is normal, anyway?

2. Straight out of the shower
Such a fresh-faced look for her! Kinda getting JLaw vibes.

3. She’s got a voice

Apparently, Lukyanova does interests outside of striving to look like a doll.

4. And is into other languages

The girl does have substance, and can even understand and sing in other languages.

5. She has parents

Lukyanova is very much from Earth, and didn’t arrive on a spaceship from outer space. She, in fact, has parents, and the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Lukyanova posted this picture on Instagram with the caption “Mi querida Mamita,” which translates to “My dear mommy.”

6. She works out

Yes, Lukyanova’s body is totally unrealistic and unobtainable for 99.9 percent of the population, but, damn, the girl has put on a ton of muscle it seems.

7. And she takes gym selfies

I mean, what human in 2017 doesn’t do that?

8. Pro poser

OK, after seeing the more stripped-down pics of her, doesn’t this photo just drive home the fact that she could totally work in Hollywood as a makeup artist?

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9. A walk in the park
Hitting the trails in a visor and pink tank, Lukyanova could nearly be mistaken for any 20-something woman soaking up some Vitamin D and getting her cardio on.

10. Makeup free
This sweet shot only convinces us what we’ve thinking all along — less is more. Lukyanova could certainly do without the crazy contacts, overdone makeup and wacky getups. We like our Barbies where they belong: in a box, on a shelf, in a toy store.

Originally published April 2014. Updated September 2017.

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