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A Mrs. Doubtfire sequel is in the works, minus Mara Wilson

Mrs. Doubtfire is headed back to the big screen, and while many fans will be thrilled with this news, one person who’s not so thrilled is former child star Mara Wilson.

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There’s good news for fans of the film Mrs. Doubtfire — a sequel is now in the works more than 20 years after the release of the 1993 hit comedy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox will be developing a sequel to the beloved family comedy. So far, the cast will include Robin Williams as the star, and the sequel will once again be under the direction of Chris Columbus. However, former child actress Mara Wilson, who starred as Natalie Hillard, the daughter of Williams’ character Daniel Hillard, will not be rejoining the cast.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, Wilson said she will not be appearing in the sequel.

“For the record, no, I do not have anything to do with the Mrs. Doubtfire sequel, nor will I,” she wrote. “I’ve been in some mediocre movies, but I’ve never been in a sequel. And I have no interest in being in one now.”

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And Wilson had plenty more harsh comments and skepticism about the sequel that she wanted to get off her chest.

“Sequels generally suck unless they were planned as part of a trilogy or series. I think Doubtfire ended where it needed to end. I’m glad I had the chance to be in it, and I’m proud of what we did, but I don’t see how we could do it again,” she continued.

The former child star then went on to explain that she has, in fact, not been asked to be in the sequel, not that she’s even remotely interested. She said, “They haven’t asked me to be in it, and I think it would be weird if they did! I don’t act much and am not a cute little kid anymore. The only reason I’ve said I don’t want to do it is because of the literal hundreds of people asking me about it. “

“I loved being in ‘Doubtfire’, and I’m grateful every day I had that experience. I met my sister-for-life Lisa [Jakub] there. I had a great time. But I don’t think a sequel makes sense plotwise, and I don’t think there’d be a part for me even if I did still act and was interested.”

Even though there have been previous rumors of a sequel, it appears only now that Elf scribe David Berenbaum is on board that the producers and director are truly happy to move forward.

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