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VIDEO: Alicia Keys, Pharrell team up for Spider-Man 2 single

Bow down and thank Pharrell Williams and Hans Zimmer for this amazing Spider-Man track, featuring the rap genius of Kendrick Lamar and the vocal talents of Alicia Keys. Guest-starring: A fauxllet and the Wizard of Oz’s fashion advice.
Pharrell Williams is everywhere, whether we like it or not. He makes his latest appearance in the lead song from the soundtrack for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, “It’s On Again.” Luckily for those who aren’t fans of Williams, his part in the song is more behind the scenes and his part in the music video is, well… it’s completely upstaged by Alicia Keys.

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Keys may just be another talented R&B singer, but in “It’s On Again,” she’s a superhero. We’re not entirely certain what her superpower would be, though. Maybe she can control Williams by harnessing the power in her fauxllet (faux mullet). While Keys saunters around the video looking more like a villain than a hero, Williams sits behind a control desk that seemingly operates the power for all of Manhattan. With one fell click, he makes New York City go dark. (Not again!) Then, after a hover over the reboot, the city comes back to life. This time, the lights on the skyscrapers are under Williams’ control and serve as one giant sound monitor, flickering and scrolling to the music conjured up from famed composer, Hans Zimmer. Zimmer, the Spider-Man music mastermind, leads Keys’ backing orchestra to heroic musical heights.

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It all comes to a head when Williams, Zimmer, Keys and rapper, Kendrick Lamar, come face-to-face on a podium situated in the city as the music builds to their instruction. Keys is even in a brand-new get-up that includes a sparkling emerald-green tux jacket, conjuring images of the great and powerful Oz. Admittedly, the flailing arms from all four superstars is a little cheesy. Then again, what comic book-based movie doesn’t have at least a touch or two of cheese?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in theaters on May 2.

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